Studio Crafted Golf Hula Girl Headcover Review

PGA Tour Hawaiian Tournaments Have Us Dreaming of Hula Girls

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I rocked the Studio Crafted Golf Hula Girl Headcovers for 5 winter rounds. They  are high quality, look amazing and can be had at a reasonable price.  If you are looking for some creative headcovers that show of PGA tour style, check out Studio Crafted Golf Headcovers.   

This is the my Studio Crafted Golf Hula Girl Headcover Review for 2023.


The PGA kicks off the new year with a couple tournaments on the Hawaiian Islands.  Whether you’ve traveled to Hawaii or not, you know that it is famous for hula girls.  They are iconic symbols of the tropical islands.  While much of the US is shoveling snow and seeing freezing cold weather, there are hula girls dancing in bikinis on the Hawaiian islands.  There are a number of Hawaiian themed headcovers this time of year.  Studio Crafted Golf offers one of the highest quality, nicest looking, and most reasonably priced options out there.

Studio Crafted Golf Headcovers offers numerous designs to fit you style; the Hula Girl was my favorite while browsing their site, especially this time of year.  They also have some cool Masters themed covers and 0 Putts Given.  There are a few more putter cover styles too.  If you don’t want to have that plain OEM headcover on your clubs, check out the variety of designs by Studio Crafted Golf.

 The Studio Crafted Golf Headcovers are as good as anything else you’ll find out there.  I’ve worked with numerous headcover companies and have every OEM cover and these are as good as anyone.  The embroidery is clean, tight and detailed.  The Hula Girls are as nicely designed as any others you’ll find on the market.  I am impressed by the quality of stitching as well as the quantity of stitching.  They didn’t go cheap with the thread count; lots of colors and details on these covers.

The Studio Crafted Golf Hula Girl Headcovers are made with high quality materials.  The leather is supple and soft which makes it easy to slide onto clubs right out of the package, yet the elastic band keeps them attached for 18 holes.  They go on and off clubs with a snug yet easy fit.  The matching inner fur looks great and function well for soft protection of woods and putters.  The shape of the cover is pretty standard and works for the biggest modern drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.

Studio Crafted Golf also makes putter headcovers for both blades and mallets.  I’m normally gaming a blade so the 0 Putts Given putter cover is a perfect fit on my putter.  It is covered in embroidery which looks cool as it repeats the theme from every direction.  This one comes in 2 color options;white/red and black/green.  White and red model looks great with my IGolfReviews bags and logo.  I’m also impressed by its durability and ability to repel dirt. Sometimes I keep the cover on while setting my putter on the ground and other times I toss the cover on the green while putting.  This cover still looks like new.

The Studio Crafted Golf Putter Covers use strong magnets as closers.  There are essentially 3 options: velcro, magnets or stretch.  I think magnets are the nicest.  These work well as they come apart easily, yet stay “latched” while between uses. It seems like they hit that sweet spot of “not too strong and not too weak”.  The fur lining keeps the putter well protected without fear of it falling off during a round of golf, no matter how many bumps you hit with the cart.  Even if all the clubs are clanging together, these headcovers keep their contents safe.


If you want some high quality, nice looking and stylish covers all at a reasonable price, Studio Crafted Golf has a great selection.  The Hula Girls are my favorite covers especially as the PGA Tour has a couple Hawaiian tournaments early each year.  These event send out Hula Girl vibes.  (When the Masters rolls around, check out there Augusta themed covers too.)  If you want to spruce up your bag while still saving some funds for new clubs, check out Studio Crafted Golf Headcovers.  

For more information:

Studio Crafted Golf Hula Girl Headcovers – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Studio Crafted Golf Headcovers rock numerous PGA tour stop themes. The Hula Girl covers have us dreaming of the Hawaiian island tournaments.

  • ✅  Pros: Excellent embroidery, Durable, Excellent club protection, High quality materials, Reasonable cost.

  • ⛔  Cons: Limited designs.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The best bargain for Hula Girl Headcovers comes to you via Studio Crafted Golf. If you are dreaming of the Hawaiian Islands during these early season PGA tour stops, these are one of the nicest, highest quality headcovers you can find. If you want "Masters" or "0 Putts Given" headcovers, they've got those too.


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