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REVIEW: Sub 70 Forged Raw Wedges

Easy to Play; Easy to Pay
More strokes are gained and lost around the greens.  If you have a good short game, you can usually score low and if you can’t find the bottom of cup from 50 yards and in, your scores will rise.  We all wish we had a short game like Phil’s, but for many golfers their wedge play is really the biggest problem in their game.  There are all kinds of gimmick clubs out there to help with your short game, chippers and fat soled wedges, but sometimes all you need is just a simple wedge that offers some consistency and confidence that you can get the ball up in the air, onto the green and near the hole.  Sub 70 Forged Raw wedges are some of the easiest wedges I’ve ever had in my bag to get the ball in the air, they simply slide under the ball from any lie and pop it up onto the green.
Sub 70 golf is a new player in the equipment game.  They have a slightly different model than other companies.  Their goal is to make high quality clubs at an affordable price.  This Chicago based club manufacturer made a great first impression on my with their Pro fairway wood.  Their Forged Raw wedges looked outstanding in pictures; in person they looked even better.  They have a unique, yet classy look.  They are fairly simple heads with 2 ports in the muscle and some milling to go with their simply logo.  I went with the Raw version since I’m kind of on a “rusty” club kick.  As you can see from the pictures I didn’t speed up the process so they are just naturally aging with use and picking up some rust here and there.  They look as good as any other stock wedge you can buy if not better.  The forged raw option is a nice touch not offered by many companies.  Paired with a Nippon wedge shaft, these are top quality wedges.

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When you set the Sub 70 Forged Raw wedge down behind the ball, it almost feels like it is already under the ball.  The leading edge is rounded forward of the hosel just a little bit.  This combined with a bounce on the sole that allows the club to slide under the ball very easily from any lie, even the tightest desert turf.  At first it took me by surprise how easily, almost too easy, the club slid under the ball.  I had a few initial shots that popped up so quickly that they didn’t go as far as I intended.  Once I dialed in the wedges I was amazed at how easily and quickly the ball hops off the face of these wedges.
I went with my standard 54* and 58* wedge lofts in the Sub 70 Forged Raw wedges.  These fill the gapping nicely in my bag.  I found these to be just a touch shorter in distance than my previous 54* and 58* combo, but also a little higher launching.  They almost played like a 56* and 60* combo.  It took a little bit to figure this out, but once I did, they are easy to play, distance is consistent and the spin was excellent.  I often play a 54* wedge about 95 yards, I play the Sub 70 54* wedges about 85-90 yards.  I really liked how easy it is to hit off the firm AZ turf conditions.  The 58* wedge became my 70 yards and in club.  This club too is super easy to elevate, which can be nice on firm green to help with some stopping power.  Their milled grooves grip the ball nicely and offer solid spin.  While they aren’t the most spinny wedges I’ve ever hit, they impart enough to control and stop the ball on the green.
The Sub 70 Forged Raw wedges have amazing feel.  The forged ported head offers solid feel at impact while still having some decent forgiveness around the perimeter of the head.  I think for many golfers they are going to like the shape and leading edge too.  They offer good confidence behind the ball that you are going to get it out of trouble and up on the green, no matter the shot.  I found them easy to open up for flop shots too. 

Flightscope Xi-Tour Launch Monitor

Sub 70 Forged Raw 58* Wedge

  • Spin: 9,216 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 56.5*
  • Dispersion: 3.0 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 76.1 mph
  • Ball Speed: 78.2 mph
  • Total Distance:  71.4 yds
  • Carry Distance:  67.7 yds

The Sub 70 Forged Raw wedges are easy to play, but even easier to pay.  While I have some of the most expensive wedges in the industry that I enjoy playing, these are the other end of the spectrum as the most reasonably priced wedges you can play.  While the sticker difference between their wedge and a competitors wedge doesn’t seem maybe quite as big a gap as their woods and irons, you still get a great investment in a club that probably should be replaced more often due to wear.  Your short game really needs to take a look at the Sub 70 Forged Raw wedges if you want something easy to play, that looks great, is a high quality build, but is also easy to pay for.

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Quick Hits:
+High quality
+Easy to elevate
+Excellent feel
+Good looks

–High launch for lofts

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