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REVIEW: Sub 70 Pro 3-Wood

The Little 3-Wood That Could
I’m sure that many of you have heard the story of the “Little Engine that Could.” It is about the story of a little train engine that was asked to pull a long train over a mountain. The phrase “I think I can, I think I can” is repeated throughout the story teaching hard work and dedication can get the job done. Sub 70 is a new, small company creating a big buzz in the golf industry. Their direct to the consumer model with low prices makes for an interesting combo. The question is, can they compete with the big engines in the golf industry. The Sub 70 Pro 3-wood is one of the smallest 3-woods on the market, but is one of the big hitters. It is my “little 3-wood that could.”
Sub 70 is making a name for themselves with a line of clubs that cost 1/2 of what most manufactures charge.  In addition to the low price they over a variety of customizable options for every club: shafts, length, grip, etc.  They also have a demo club program since you won’t find them locally.  You pay $120 up front and then when the club is returned they give you back $100.  For $20 it is a good way to see how Sub 70 clubs work for you.  The club that really caught my eye was the Sub 70 Pro 3-wood.  It is compact and has adjustable weights.  Many golf companies have a “pro” model with this kind of arrangement for low spinning, long fairway woods.  At $170 (with the upgraded Project X EvenFlow shaft) it is the lowest price model you can buy new.
Sub 70 wants to save you some money, and most golfers don’t mind spending less on clubs so they have more green fees, but can a 1/2 price club really compete?  When the Sub 70 Pro 3-wood arrived, it was packaged just like any other club that arrives and you could slap virtually any logo on it and you couldn’t tell the difference.  The finish is a nice glossy black on the crown, and a mixture of gloss and matte black with just a tiny paint line of red on the sole for a sleek look.  The shaft and grip were all installed perfectly.  This club looks more expensive than it is.  I like how Sub 70 understood how to make their logo and branding look classy.    When you have this club in your bag, no one will think less of you in any way, most likely they’ll have a very positive response to how nice the club looks.  I was impressed by the looks.
Yes the Sub 70 Pro 3-wood is half price, but full performance.  I found it to be longer than most standard 3-woods.   It compares very favorably to “pro” type fairway woods; think Callaway SubZero or Tour Edge CBX.  It is low spin and long.  I was impressed by the distance of  this club off the tee or fairway.  It is not an anti-left club, but if you slice the ball, this isn’t going to help that either.  It is for the better 3-wood hitter.  I liked the balance for hitting really straight shots.  It wasn’t hard to elevate with the weight forward off the turf.  The leading edge seemed easy to get under the ball from most lies and hit the ball on a strong trajectory.  It has crisp pop at impact which is pleasant to the ears; not composite muted, but a metallic thwack. 
The Sub 70 Pro 3-wood stepped in for my gamer and had no problem competing.  It kept ups and held its own against some of the best 3-woods on the market.  I could easily keep this club in the bag and never worry about losing distance or dispersion by having it in the bag.  There are longer 3-woods out there and there are more forgiving 3-woods available, but the combo that the Sub 70 Pro 3-wood offers is outstanding.  It is really long, and easy enough to hit that  better golfers will really enjoy this club in their bag, especially at 1/2 price.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Sub 70 Pro 3-wood

  • Spin: 2771 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 13.7*
  • Dispersion: 4.5 yds
  • Club Speed: 100.5 mph
  • Ball Speed: 145.1 mph
  • Total Distance:  255.2 yds
  • Carry Distance:  240.8 yds

The Sub 70 3-wood is the “Little 3-wood That Could.”  It is compact and small, but packs a big punch.  It thinks it can, it thinks it can; it actually does compete with the best 3-woods on the market.  If you want a “pro” style 3-wood without the “pro” price tag, this is the best option.  The Sub 70 Pro 3-wood is legit.  It offers low spin, strong trajectory, and long distance.  It looks great and costs less.  What is not to like about the Sub 70 Pro 3-wood?  Give this “Little 3-wood That Could”  a chance to win a spot in your bag.

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Quick Hits:
+Low spin
+Strong launch
+Great Looks
+1/2 Price

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