Review: Sumi-G Headcovers and Belt

Simple, Unique, Mesmerizing, Ingenious-Golf accessories
Back in January, prior to the PGA show, SUMI-G has a teaser website. They had me hooked then with their entrancing logo and intriguing design. It maybe took 6 months to bring those samples to fruition, but for once the wait was worth it. I wanted to try the most useful SUMI-G products for golfers on the course. Normally, I use and complete my reviews in about 5 rounds. During that time I have a pretty good idea what a club or accessory can do. With the SUMI-G products I took 20 rounds because I felt that accessories are bought with the intention of keeping them in the bag, even if you change clubs. I wanted to see how SUMI-G would hold up and look after extended play.
At first glance on SUMI-G’s website, the pictures of the headcovers didn’t do it at all for me, until I opened the box and saw them in person.  I had a 180* reversal.  The headcovers turned out to be awesome.  The exoskeleton really gives me confidence that my clubs are protected from each other and any other dangerous object.  The exoskeleton goes almost a foot down the shaft on the driver and at least 10 inches on the fairway cover and about 8 inches on the hybrid cover.  I tried every driver I had in the cover and they all fit just fine.  I read someone else had a problem with a square driver, but I tried Nike, Callaway, Taylormade, Cleveland, and Adams.  They all fit without any problems in my covers.  The 3-wood cover and hybrid cover also fit the variety of different clubs I tried.

Beyond the protection factor the one handed application of the cover was really cool.  I just flipped the cover off onto the tee-box.  When I was done, just insert the driver into the pocket and pick-up.  A simple click down on the shaft and I was good to go.  

I found them to be very resistant to stains.  Even after 20 round of throwing it on the tee-box, it still looks like new.   I was amazed at how clean they still are.  I was concerned that the way they clipped on the shaft might cause some wear or mark up the shaft, but the soft red lining did no such damage.

I had two little issues while use on the course.  I noticed them clanging together; the metal labels on the side of each cover bumped into each other.  I had 3 covers in my bag (which by the way looked really classy) and they kind of banged together as I walked down the fairway.    I also had one of the inner pocket screws back out, but easily tightened it back down, and good as new.

The only other suggestion I might have would be do or offer something other than size to differentiate the fairway wood cover and the hybrid cover or if I had two hybrid covers or two fairway woods a way to tell them apart would be really nice.  Down the road I hope they come up with some other colors or color schemes to complete the awesome headcover line up.

The accessory that caught my eye from day one was the belt.  I like the new trend in golf of wearing a big, bold belt and belt buckle. The SUMI-G “Dormy” belt is one of the best belts I have used.   It is on par with any other high-end belt around.  The leather was supple and soft, backed by red suede.  The wide belt was held in place by a two-hooked belt buckle.  The best feature was the logo/ball marker on the belt buckle.  It is a lot easier than digging through your pocket to find the little bugger.  It is always right in front of you ready to go.  Even if you decide to wear it when you are not golfing, it looks like a simple logo on the belt buckle.  After 15 rounds (didn’t wear it every time) the buckle is shiny and new.  I still have all 3 ball markers that came with the belt, and the holes did not stretch or tear like other belts I have had.  Overall this belt is an excellent choice.  If you aren’t bold enough for white they make a brown or black belt too.

SUMI-G is an up and coming company.  Their design team hit one out of the park with their first product line.  I can only imagine the Simple, Unique, Mesmerizing, Ingenious – Golf accessories in the future will be even better.

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Review: Sumi-G Accessories

Stocking Stuffers that the golfer on your list will want
Sumi-G impressed me with their headcovers and belt.  The simple, classic, yet unique style and function made them one of my favorite new products in 2009.  But yet we all know that getting someone a golfing Christmas present can be difficult.  Whether we put it on a list for ourselves or we want to get something for someone else, we struggle with the typical cost of many golf related items because they are so expensive, yet the cheap stuff is typically just cheap junk.

Sumi-G carries many useful accessories that any golfer will like, use and appreciate. There are even a few that are reasonably priced, dare I say cheap.  There are 4 different ones that came boxed recently ready to go for the holidays.  Throw a little wrapping paper around these and you are ready to go.

I’ll start with one that is least golf related.  A Sumi-G money clip.  It is a double-sided spring of stainless steel.  On both sides, there are plastic Sumi-G logos that also serve as the tension/gripping part of the money clip.  I’ve never been a money clip kind of guy, but this one did grow on me.  The ones I had in the past were always all or nothing.  This one has two sides, which is useful for cash on one side and cards on the other.  It was rather useful whether I needed cash or they need to see my ID, I didn’t have to flip through everything in my money clip.  The only feature that wasn’t ideal might be the way that the curved clip sat in my back pocket; it wasn’t exactly comfortable on a wooden chair.  To be honest, a soft wallet isn’t either, but the curved metal sticking into my flesh was a tad uncomfortable.  But if you are money clip guy, this is both form and function.

The next item for both the golfer and non-golfer would be the FlexFit hat.  It was simple, almost to the extreme.  The Sumi-G logo on the front of the hat is off center on one panel and isn’t much bigger than their ball markers.  That subtle look is really classy.  The only other markings on the hat were the words Sumi-G embroidered in black on the side.  The FlexFit style hat was incredibly comfortable.  I always wear a hat golfing and this has become one of my favorites.  It was so stretchy it didn’t seem tight, but not too loose that I was afraid of it blowing off in the wind.  It was tall and structured, so it might not be for everyone, but with an offering of Black or White, this is a top quality hat to go with any outfit.

Another favorite on course tool is the ball mark repair tool, or as some improperly call it, the divot tool.  Sumi-G’s tool is thick and heavy with curved forks that mimic the ball mark itself and aid in repairing that mark quickly.  Not only does it repair but it also holds a magnetic ball marker that can be easily depressed and slid off.  The ball marker is interchangeable with the ones on their belts.  This ball mark repair tool was also very safe, it didn’t have sharp points that could get you either on the hand when you were retrieving it out of your pocket or even stab your leg while in your pocket.  The only down side of this tool was that it was a little shorter than I care for.  It felt at least a ½” too short.  It still worked like a charm and I would have no problem recommending this to anyone, but just be aware it takes a little getting used to how short it is.

The final accessory that impressed me with its design is the brush.  It has a special clip handle that you slide onto any towel and that’s it.  You now have a brush connected to your towel.  You can slide it off too, if you want to use a different towel or really need to scrub a club.  It was really handy to have the brush connected to the towel.  I had my doubts, even fears a few times that the brush had fallen off.  But it never even moved.  The handle is a nice size and you can really get some good pressure with this little brush.  The bristles themselves seem very strong and durable.  They do hold the dirt a little so make sure you clean off you brush every now and then too.  It will help keep your clubs cleaner.  I used this with the Frogger Amphibian towel and it worked like a dream.

If you need some stocking stuffers, here are four unique, useful gifts that any golfer should enjoy and use.

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