Review: Sun Mountain Micro Cart Sport

Small Package; Big Features!
If you want something that is full-featured, you often need to get something that is full-sized.  Just think of buying a car, you almost always need to to get a bigger model to get the ride and comfort you are looking for.  When it comes to golf bags, the same is often true too, you need to get a big ol’ cart bag to get multiple dividers and a putter slot.  It seemed that this was the case too when it came to push carts.  The “bigger the better” when it came to features.  The first Sun Mountain Micro Cart started down the right path, with its compact size, but it was missing some features of the full-sized carts.  The newest Sun Mountain Micro Cart Sport is now packed with features, but is still a compact size.
I have an original Sun Mountain Micro cart and have put many miles on it, but it is missing  a number of features found on the new model and had a couple design flaws that caused it to need some repairs.  The 2013 Sport model corrects those design flaws and adds some really nice features.  The most notable addition for 2013 is the new color schemes.  Now the Micro Cart has some bright and contrasting color options.  While this doesn’t impact the function, it is a nice touch to have the option to match your bag or  bring some life to the sometimes boring push carts.
The biggest change from the  original Micro Cart to the newest Micro Cart Sport is the adjustable handle.  The original had 2 settings, which neither setting was quite perfect, either too high or too low.  Then they moved to a slightly more adjustable height setting a model I didn’t try, but now they have a fully adjustable handle that can be set very low, for a child or up all the way up for a tall adult.  Also the new adjustable handle is very easy to set with a big wide flap like lever.  The brackets that attach the handle to the main cart are much better as well.  On the original cart these brackets broke from the stress of pushing down on the handle over and over to turn the cart.   They are much beefier now.
The second addition to the original Micro Cart is the Micro-Paq.  It is a backpack like attachment to the back lower section of the cart.  It can hold a number of items from a full set of rain gear, to an extra pair of shoes, additional beverages and even your keys, wallet and phone.  The design is excellent and is attached low on the cart so that it doesn’t cause any off-balance issues.  I used the Micro-Paq during every round and found it very handy during play.  If you leave it full of gear after the round the cart might not fold all the way up.  A couple soft small items will be fine, but a pair of shoes will not allow the cart to fully collapse.
Many of the positive features haven’t changed much on the Micro Cart Sport.  It still folds down into a very small package which is great when you drive a MINI Cooper; every inch counts.  The folding and unfolding is still very easy and takes no thought to figure out.  The handle bars are very nice and comfortable for pushing.  The four wheels are very stable and I had zero tippage on the course. It tracks nice and straight when going down the fairway. The brake is very easy to engage and disengage with the spring loaded lever to to the side of the glove box.  The smoked glove box cover is nice to be able to see what is inside the deep compartment.  The ball holder, tee holder, pencil holder and score card holder all work well and function as designed.
There are still a couple features I wish they would redesign.  I still miss the older bungee strap bag retention system of Sun Mountain Carts from years ago.  The squeeze brackets do work well and my bag never fell out, but they do put wear marks on the bag from sliding it on and off.  They also allows the bag to twist on its own.  The bottom just rests on a triangle plate.  I know if you pair this with a Sun Mountain bag, they have a specially designed base, but since I don’t have a Sun Mountain bag, the stand bag I used moved a little bit.  While I like that the cup holder is integrated into the cart so I don’t forget it at home, it doesn’t sit level.  The problem is that if the course only has canned beverages, they tend to spill.

The Sun Mountain Micro Cart Sport is small, but it is a full featured cart.  I’m not sure it is king of the mountain, but it keeps getting better with each generation.  The newest one is their best yet.  It does some things that the other carts don’t do well;  it accommodates big staff bags as well as tiny carry bags.  When I use my small TRUE Carry bag it looks and fits perfectly on the Sun Mountain Micro Cart Sport, actually much better than any other cart I have tried to use it on.  I really doubt you would be disappointed with purchasing the Sun Mountain Micro Cart Sport; they have made great improvements to the design, looks and quality.  It is a small package, but full of big features.

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Quick Hits
+Compact when folded
+Stable when unfolded
+Easy brake system
+Fully adjustable handle height
+Fun new color options
+Works great with small or large bags

–No bungee straps
–Tipped cup-holder