REVIEW: Sun Mountain Colter Vest

Every Golfer Needs a Warm Vest
Golfer prefer ideal weather conditions for their rounds of golf;  75* and sunny with low wind.  But how many rounds are blessed with perfect conditions?  I       suppose it depends on where you live; in AZ we see hundreds of days above 70* and sunny; in MN those days were pretty few and far between.  But even in       beautiful AZ, there are many mornings that start with a chill in the air and a vest is the perfect way to stay warm without restricting the swing in any way.  In MN I think from about August until April I pretty much lived in a vest.  If you live   anywhere between those 2 extremes you need a warm vest for a least a round of golf here or there.  One really should be a staple of your golf wardrobe.  .  I think the new Sun Mountain Colter Vest in one of the best options out there.
The Sun Mountain Colter Vest is a their version of a “puffy” vest.  While it has the look of a “puffy” vest it is actually fairly slim with just a little puff.  This mean that it is not bulky when wearing it so that you don’t feel restricted in the way while playing golf.  The fitted form of the vest makes for a stylish looking vest that doesn’t look like a life preserver while wearing it.  The style is fitted along with side panels that are form fitted and “non-puffy” to make it look even more trim and fit along with offering lots of stretch during the swing.
The big feature of the Sun Mountain Colter Vest is the 37.5 insulation.  Even though this is a thin vest it really traps the body’s heat so that you stay warm without feeling like you are wrapped in a blanket.  This thin packable insulated vest keeps the core warm in just about any weather.  The shell is wind proof and water repellent.  This allows the inner layers to keep you warm for as long as you need.  I prefer the vest to a coat since my core is really the main part of the body I want to keep warm.  If the core is warm, my game/swing will be just fine.
If you are headed to Bandon Dunes for a golf trip, I highly recommend packing a Sun Mountain Colter Vest.  I found it a perfect choice for the early morning rounds as well as throwing it back on as the sun was setting and temps were dropping.  It takes up very little space in the bag which is nice since pocket space is a premium in carry bags.  The vest was great for the cold ocean breeze, the pop up drizzle or the cloudy all-day chill. I rarely buy golf apparel outside of my Short Par 4 Membership but this was well worth it.

I know you don’t need a vest to play golf, but all things considered, you might want to think about the number of rounds you’ve played where a vest is needed or at least would have been nice to wear.  I think every serious golfer needs a good warm vest;  it is a great way to layer in order to deal with changing weather conditions.  I recommend the Sun Mountain Colter Vest.  It checks off all the boxes, warm, comfortable, stylish, packable and element resistant.

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Quick Hits:
+Looks nice
+Windproof and water repellent