REVIEW: Sun Mountain Kube Travel Cover

Don't Be A Square; Travel With A Kube
One of the most annoying parts of traveling with your golf clubs, is the travel bag/cover. I know there are options to ship your clubs, but even that requires a travel cover. Most of the options out there range from a full hard case which takes up a ton of space to a soft sided bag that still has some plastic components that make it larger than most suit cases. It is really annoying since your rental car might not have much extra space, nor your hotel room. The real downside of large travel covers is that fact that you need to find somewhere at home to store them for most of the year. Even if you travel regularly for golf, you are probably only making a handful of trips a year at most. The Sun Mountain Kube solves those space issues with their tiny travel cover. When folded it is smaller than a carry-on bag yet opens up to a full size travel cover.
I realized that as much as I travel for golf, I still use a cheap travel bag I bought years ago off ebay because it is small to store and lightweight to travel with.  I finally found a replacement travel cover, the Sun Mountain Kube.  It checks off all my boxes of a travel cover.  The 1st is the small storage it takes up when I’m not using it.  Sure I have a big garage, but I still don’t like my travel cover to take up more valuable space than necessary.  At 9″ x 13″ x 14.5″  it is small.  I’ve seen computer bags almost this big, and certainly purses even larger.  It is also very light, about half the weight of other travel bags at 6.8lbs.  This mean more gear or clothes can be stuffed in the bag.   When it is open it is a full size travel bag.  While it might not hold your staff bag, any normal bag will fit easily. I believe it even fits the popular Sun Mountain C130 Bag.
The construction of the Sun Mountain Kube is also key to it compact shape, but also durability and protection of your clubs.  The plastic 1/2 shells shield the bottom and the top as well as have embedded roller wheels for pulling it along in the airport.  The ballistic material connecting the 2 shells is strong and light weight and folds into them when not in use and extends to a full size travel cover at 52″ x 14″ x 14″.  Any normal bag will fit into it easily as will any normal driver. (obviously all the other clubs are shorter).  While the body of the bag doesn’t have much padding, the upper has some extra padding opposite the 1/2 hard shell.  Outside of intentional damage, this travel cover can withstand the airport luggage handlers.
The Sun Mountain Kube comes in 8 colors.  There are a couple black/grey options for the plain travel options, but I prefer the brighter colors because it is much easier to spot your bag on the carousel if it isn’t black like 10 other travel covers.  I got the inferno/Gunmetal combo.  The bright orange shells stand out for easy retrieval.  The other colors all have darker ballistic material even with bright colored shells.
Folding and unfolding the Sun Mountain Kube is very easy.  This is not one of those factory folded products that the consumer can never get back to that size; this easy folds back into the plastic shells and clips together to hold its shape when not in use.  The really nice handle works great for toting it around folded or unfolded.  The shells work nicely as they are on the bottom when it is unfolded so you can pack this cover up easily while laying it on the ground.  The only thing missing is Sun Mountain’s club glider system.  If they figure out how to add that, this will truly be the ultimate travel cover.  But for me, I’ll still take the Kube travel cover over the larger ones out there.  The compact size for travel and for storage is easy to use.

Travel covers are a necessary investment for traveling with your golf clubs.  You don’t need to be reminded of that investment every time you have to maneuver around a giant case in your garage, closet or storage space.  The Sun Mountain Kube is the perfect travel cover that protects your clubs, is lightweight, and folds into a small Kube when not in use.  I hadn’t found a reason to replace my old travel cover until now.  The Sun Mountain Kube is the travel cover of iGolfreviews.

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