Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 Push Cart Review

Stephen Zinger aka Spyzinger
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This is my official Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 Review.

I got this push cart to replace my old one which gave out on me. 

After using it for many rounds now I will never go back to any other brand. 

Here was my experience and my thoughts!

Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 Push Cart – Overview

Why Did I Ever Stray from Sun Mountain Push Carts?
At the beginning of the 2018 golf season, I wanted to replace my push cart, the original Sun Mountain 4-wheeled Micro Cart.  I had it for several seasons and it was a proven reliable cart that had rolled with me for several rounds.  There was nothing wrong with it, but my friend, Leah needed a cart and wanted to start walking, so away it went.  She did start walking but unsure if it has actually improved her sand play.

Finding myself without a cart, rather than going with a brand I had trusted for years with a proven track record of durability and reliability. I opted for a $100 cart readily available at Costco.  Right out of the box, the wheels were out of round and wobbled.  When the weight of the bag was placed on the cart, the wheels bowed out.  It also had a distinct pull to the right.  The break mechanism was broke in a matter of five rounds.  To say the least, this cart was a disaster.  I was upset that I didn’t just revert back to what I knew and trusted for years. For proof just read my C130 Golf Bag Review.
I began the 2019 season with the Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4.  Having owned several varieties of push carts in the past, I have gravitated to the four wheel carts over the three.  I prefer the balance and push of a four wheel cart.

Out of the box, the Pathfinder 4 does not require any assembly whatsoever.  It does come with instructions, but they’re unnecessary as the cart is an intuitive as it gets.  Sun Mountain does include a wrench for fine tuning the alignment however, mine pushed straight and true right out of the box.  

From its folded position, the Pathfinder 4 expands in two simple steps.  The lower base expands while you lift the top handles and automatically locks into place.  The top handle bars require placement to your preferred pushing height, then simply lock the hinge into place.  There is a bottom and top bracket system to secure your bag into place with bungee cord fasteners.  The Pathfinder 4 is designed to accommodate both a stand bag or cart bag without issue.

The breakdown of the Pathfinder 4 starts by unlocking the bottom locking mechanism which can be done with the press of your foot.  After unlocking the top portion, you can ease the cart down into its folded position with one hand.  The Pathfinder 4 folded footprint is compact and is easy to transport in the trunk of a car or back of an SUV.
I have had the Pathfinder 4 in play for 7 rounds this year [so far], and questioned why I ever strayed from what I have trusted for years in Sun Mountain products.  At 17 pounds, the Pathfinder 4 is a well made, durable cart that is solid and stable.  The plastic mag wheels, have fixed foam tires which do not require air.  They push and roll true, the Pathfinder 4 navigates any terrain with stability and ease.  The break is located on the side of the accessory console and is a one flip lever system to engage the break, and one flip in reverse to disengage and roll.
The accessory console is made to hold a cellphone, score card, balls, tees, ball markers, wallet, or whatever else you might normally carry in your pocket.  On the back side of the accessory console is a velour-lined pouch for other electronics (bluetooth speaker), range finder, it’s even large enough to house a folded quarter zip or jacket.  A third area for storage on the Pathfinder 4 is the mesh pouch at the bottom of the accessory console.  Also on the side of the push arm is an umbrella holder which detaches and screws into the top of the cart for securing the umbrella when walking in the rain.


Once again, I came away impressed with the construction and operation of what is my second Sun Mountain push cart.  The longevity and functionality of these carts are leave them among the best in golf each model year.  The Pathfinder 4 has received several accolades since its release in 2018, and is deserving of the acclaim.  If you are in the market for a four wheel push cart this season, you would be remiss not to strongly consider this offering out of Missoula, Montana.

The Pathfinder 4 comes in 8 different color combinations, enough to coordinate with almost any bag on the market. 

See the Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 on Amazon

 For More Information: Sun Mountain Website

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