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Taking Durability to the MAX W/ This Cart Bag

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I used the Sun Mountain WeatherMAX Cart Bag to carry my clubs for 6 rounds of golf.  It is a big full featured cart bag from the industry leader Sun Mountain partnering with outdoor fabric manufacturer WeatherMAX.  This combination makes for one of the best and most durable golf bags on the market.  It rides on power carts with a 14 way top, front facing pockets, hidden features and super durable materials which make it an excellent upgrade for golfers in harsh environments.   

This is the my Sun Mountain WeatherMAX Cart Bag Review for 2023.


The name “WeatherMAX” might not scream golf bag, but maybe you are familiar with their awnings, boat covers and furniture fabrics.  For anything that sits outside year round, the elements can be extremely harsh.  The sun combined with rain, snow, wind, etc will quickly eat up normal fabrics. WeatherMAX materials can withstand the harsh outdoors much longer than other materials.  Since golf bags are exposed to such harsh environments, it only makes sense to use a material like WeatherMAX in a golf bag too.  The 2023 Sun Mountain WeatherMAX cart bag takes durability (and functionality) to the MAX.

The first word that came to mind when I saw the new 2023 Sun Mountain WeatherMAX Cart Bag was “TANK”.  The Grey-Moss-Inferno color combo helps too, but it is big, strong, and just looks super durable.  After using it for 6 rounds, the nickname remains the same, this bag is a tank.  It can withstand any of the abuse you can throw at it from the elements, to 36 holes of golf, to the cart barn kid roughing it up; it still looks like brand new.  I’m impressed by the absence of wear on the bag.  It looks exactly the same as when I took it out of the box.  It has 4 color options, but this one is my favorite. 

The Sun Mountain WeatherMAX Cart Bag has pockets, pockets and pockets inside of pockets.  Obviously as a cart bag they are all accessible from the front.  It has 13 pockets: insulated ones, velour lined ones, water resistant ones, ventilated ones and full length ones.  It has MAX pockets that require some memory work to remember where you put everything.  Because of the durability of the material you can stuff these pockets to the gills and this bag can take it.  Sometimes that added weight and pull of too much stuff in a bag can be damaging to the material, but WeatherMAX can easily handle everything you need and a whole lot more.  I really like the zipper pull style which makes them easy to zip and unzip.  Since this bag has the contrast of colors it is very easy to spot the zipper you want to use.  One of the nice features of the velour lined pocket is the divider which makes separating keys from wallet or cellphone even more protecting for your valuables.  The “tortise shell” pocket near the top works great for the most accessed pocket during a round.  It can hold a rangefinder, balls and tees for easy use during a round.

The Sun Mountain WeatherMAX Cart Bag is just about as full featured as any bag I’ve ever used.  The pass through cart strap pocket allows you to secure the bag tightly without crushing a pocket.  If you don’t want to use the cart strap at all, you can use the Smart Strap System which will velcro the bag directly to the cart basket.  A few riding cart brands it doesn’t work on real well, but when attached, it is better than the regular cart strap that every once and a while will come loose.  This is just an added layer of protection for your clubs, gear and bag.  The 14 way top is big and has slots for every club.  I like keeping the grips separated down at the bottom too.  The large putter well makes it usable for any “oversized” grip you might be using.  The other ones are square and hold every club from driver to lob wedge nicely in its place with only minimal chatter while cruising around the course.  The molded plastic handles that from the top also make lifting and moving the bag easy, and offers some added protections from your cart partners gear.

The Sun Mountain WeatherMAX Cart bag takes durability to the highest level.  The plastic molded top and bottom make it very strong and stable on the cart, in the garage, from trunk to trunk and every where in between.  The WeatherMAX material is thick and durable to withstand the elements, and the zippers are some of the best to take the pulling open and closed.  tra durable and functional on a cart.  The pass through strap pockets make it sturdy on the cart without crushing the top of the bag.   There are rubber bumper pads on the Smart Strap System on the back of the bag which also protect it from “cart rub” against the basket.  They also serve as stabilizers so that bag doesn’t move or twist on the back of the cart.  It also has a couple loops and clips for things like a towel, rangefinder, umbrella, water bottle, etc. that can be attached to the outside of the bag.


The Sun Mountain WeatherMAX Cart Bag is the most durable golf bag on the market.  The combination of construction and materials make it stronger, sturdier, and longer lasting than anything else out there.  A golf bag tends to be a long term investment for many golfers, why not invest in something that will last.  Maybe some of you are very gentle with your golf bags, I think the majority of us, beat on them and take little to no care of them during the golf season.  They sit in 1000* trunks for hours on end, they then end up in sub-zero basement temperatures, they sit in the sun for hours during the round of golf and at times even have rain and wind to fight with.  The Sun Mountain WeatherMAX won’t be phased by any of it with its MAX durability.  If you want a TANK of a golf bag that can withstand all that and last years to come, the Sun Mountain 2023 WeatherMAX Cart Bag is for you. 

For more information:

Sun Mountain WeatherMAX Cart Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Sun Mountain has a long history of making great golf bags. The use of WeatherMAX material take durability to a new level.

  • ✅  Pros: WeatherMAX durability, 14-way top, Smart Strap System, Full length dividers, 13 pockets, Pass through strap, Molded plastic top handles, Easy access pockets.

  • ⛔  Cons: Angled top only works well on riding carts.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Sun Mountain WeatherMAX Cart Bag is the most durable bag in golf. If you want a bag that will last a long time, no matter how much abuse or what elements it encounters, the WeatherMAX bag is the best choice. Not online will it last a long time, it will function incredibly well during those rounds.


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