REVIEW: Sunday Golf Loma Bag

The Best Sunday, Short Course, Range or Partial Set Bag
14 is the maximum number of clubs you are allowed in your bag during a round of golf.  However you don’t need to carry 14 clubs in order to play; you can play with fewer clubs.  (potentially even playing better)  Sometimes you play with less clubs on purpose if it is a short course with nothing longer than an 8-iron needed.  Sometimes you just want to work on certainly clubs and feel shots so you only do a 1/2 bag.  Sometimes it is just a range day and you don’t need to hit every club in the bag to practice your swing.  Other times it is a Sunday afternoon and 9 holes is all you have time for, and you don’t have the energy to carry a full bag.  Whatever the reason, sometimes you don’t need all 14 clubs, meaning you don’t need a big bag.  Sunday Golf Loma Bag is the best 7 club carry bag I’ve ever used.
“Sunday Bags” aren’t new;  if you go way back in time, that was the normal size.  Sometimes they are called pencil bags too.  Small compact, lightweight, minimalist bags have been around for a while, but Sunday Golf Loma Bag is the best version of it that I have seen.  It has all the features you want without loading it down with weight.  It is pretty creatively done so that you can comfortably carry clubs, balls, tees, glove, drink, accessories, rangefinder, towel and snacks.  While the more you load up the pockets and holders, the heavier the bag gets, but nothing is too big that you can really add a ton of weight. 

The Sunday Golf Loma Bag‘s best 2 features are the plastic top with handle and stand system.  It all starts with the molded bag top with integrated grab handle.  It isn’t just a loop, but a vertical “trowel” style handle.  It makes the bag very easy to pick up and carry by the handle itself.  (If you are going to try your hand at speed golf, this would be the best options.)  The handle is perfectly balanced for setting the bag down or picking it up.  The legs are also done in kind of foolproof way since the mechanism to engage the legs extends below the base of the bag, so basically if you put the bag down the legs pop out.   The bag won’t stand on its own without the legs down because of this, but I usually just lean it  against something.

The Sunday Golf Loma Bag comes in 8 colors.  They have bright and bold as well as traditional and standard.  I went with the Sandstone colored bag which is a combo of Khaki and black trim.  It looks like bag made for the AZ desert.  The nylon material has texture to it which gives it a nice quality look and feel.  The waterproof zippers are a heavy duty plastic and function very well.  There are some mesh pockets, , velour lined pockets, elastic tee strap, 1/2 velcro strip and an insulated frosty pocket.   The 4 pockets are well places, nice sized and function very well; as good as a full sized bag.

The Sunday Golf Loma Bag is a single strap carry bag.  While most modern bags have gone to dual straps; there isn’t a need for 2 straps on a bag like this.  The lightweight compact size of the bag, doesn’t warrant the full backpack treatment.  However they did make the strap functionable for right or left handed golfer with 4 attachment points instead of just the standard 2.  You can get this bag balanced with the single strap just the way you want.  The strap itself is also really nice with the additional shoulder pad. 

The Sunday Golf Loma Bag is the perfect bag for less than 14 clubs.  While it probably isn’t your full-time, every round bag; it is a great complimentary bag to have in your arsenal for practice sessions, short courses or rounds with a partial set.  It also makes a great junior bag alternative.  Even if you get stuck on a power cart, it will work nicely strapped into the back of a cart.  I’m impressed by the quality and well thought out features of the Loma Bag.

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Quick Hits:
+Grab handle
+Stand function
+Nice pockets
+Lots of color options
+Super lightweight
+Single shoulder strap options