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Is Bigger Better?

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I used the Sunday Golf Loma XL Stand Bag for non-traditional rounds of golf.  It is ideal for the range, 1/2 sets, practice rounds or a short course.   Sunday Golf started with the original Loma and expanded their offering with an XL version.  It is a couple inches bigger, has dual straps and an extra divider.  Essentially their mission remains the same only a little bigger; a functional lightweight “Sunday” golf bag.   

This is the my Sunday Loma XL Stand Bag Review for 2022.


The Sunday Golf Loma XL Stand Bag is certainly a niche product.  If you play all of your rounds with 14 clubs and only hit the range prior to your round, this bag may no be all that appealing.  While bigger than the original, sill not big enough for a full set.  However if you have range days, play a short course, or enjoy some minimalistic golf, this bag is ideal.  It is sooo much better than most “sunday” bags and functions exceptionally well by design for its niche uses.

The Sunday Golf Loma XL Stand Bag is still small.  While it is bigger, it is still much smaller than any traditional bag you can find.  Yet is is very well designed and functional on the range or the course.  One staple of the Loma bags is the “pistol” style handle at the top.  It makes the bag truly “grab and go.”  It is easy to pick up or set down with that handle.  Since it is so lightweight, even full of clubs and balances nicely by the handle, you can easily manipulate, carry, sling, whatever you need to do with this bag with one hand.

The Sunday Golf Loma XL Stand Bag comes in 4 different colors to fit your preference.  They all look great with their combination of black and nylon materials. The 5″ top will carry 8 clubs comfortably for whatever your golf plans are.  I like taking it to the range since it allows me to have enough clubs for testing and practice, but I’m not weighed down by every club in the bag.  I also through my “hickories” in there when I bust those out since that set is only 7 clubs.  The blend of old and modern meet in a fully functional way. 

The dual strap on the Sunday Golf Loma XL Stand Bag is a new addition.  It makes it more comfortable for longer walks.  If you are taking this bag to the course for 18 holes, having the weight (even the lighter weight) distributed on both shoulders is much more comfortable.  The straps are very nice and are soft on the shoulders.  My only minor issue with the double strap is where the top loop is right under the “pistol” handle.  So as I quickly grab the bag by the handle, my hand runs into that loop every time.  I understand from a balance stand point, but would love to see that loop moved for more comfortable use of the handle.

The Sunday Golf Loma XL Stand Bag has 4 very well designed pockets that hold all the necessities for a round of golf.  The combination is well placed and open up nicely for easy access to all your accessories, your water bottle, and some extra golf balls. The exterior velcro can hold your glove along with the tee slots for keeping those at the ready.  It also has an rangefinder loop and a mess pocket on the outside for your phone.

The stand mechanism of the Sunday Golf Loma XL Stand Bag is “automatic.”  By that I mean that whenever you set the bag down, the legs are forced to deploy because the lever is below the bottom of the bag.  This mean you can’t stand this bag straight up and down on a cart or in the garage without the legs popping out.  This is actually a really great feature on the course.  It is the easiest stand bag to set down and “stand” of any stand bag I’ve used.  The legs are thin, but they create a wide base so that this lightweight bag is actually very stable.


Is Bigger Better?  The Sunday Golf Loma XL Stand Bag is a couple inches bigger, a pound and a half heavier, but full of additional functions for on course use.  It still isn’t going to carry a full set of clubs, but the dual strap, additional club space, the additional divider make it even better for a 3/4 bag of clubs.

For more information:

Sunday Golf Loma XL Stand Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Sunday Golf makes the smallest and lightest "Sunday" bags with full functionality for the range, short course or 1/2 set bags. The Loma XL is a slightly bigger version.

  • ✅  Pros: Super lighweight, Excellent leg mechanism, 3-way top, Well placed functional pockets, Dual straps, Pistol handle.

  • ⛔  Cons: Dual strap loop at top of handle, too small for full set.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Sunday Golf Loma XL Stand Bag is a bigger version of the original that maintains the core funtion of the Loma, while adding a starp, divider and some space.It will work better for a full round of golf with a less than full set of clubs.


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