Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather Stand Bag Review

Elevate Your Style With This Lightweight Vegan Leather Stand Bag

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Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather

I carried my clubs in the new Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather Stand Bag for 4 rounds of golf.  It is a compact full size vegan leather stand bag from one of the up and coming golf bag companies.  They offer a full line up of bags ranging from a small “Sunday” bag to a very large cart bag.  They Ryder S-Class is their lightweight yet full-size stand bag. The vegan leather option also makes it their most stylish bag.

This is the definitive Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather Stand Bag Review for 2024.

Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather
Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather 1

Vegan Leather

The Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather Stand Bag is made of Vegan Leather.  The oxymoron about this material is actually quite innovative.  It uses sustainable and recycled materials to make a synthetic leather that is water resistant.  It not only offers a stunning appearance, but impressive performance.  It is high class and quality to the touch.  The smooth matte black leather finish looks as nice as any high-end bag.  The performance matches as it is very durable being able to stand up to the abuse a golf bag endures.  From rolling around in the truck bed or trunk, to getting stacked up with other golf bags, to getting tossed around in a travel case, to riding on the back of a cart, to going up and down off my shoulders; the material of this bag can take it all in stride and still looks good after multiple rounds.

Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather 5 way top

5-Way Top

If this isn’t your first time on iGolfReviews, you’ve read me preach about my preference for 14-way tops.  When I walk, push or ride, I like having a dedicated slot for all of my clubs.  But if you talk to any caddie, they hate them.  It is too much work trying to get the clubs back into the right slot every time.  They love the Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather Stand Bag’s 5-way top.  It makes their life much easier and requires less thought about the bag and more focus on advice and keeping the golfer happy.  The Sunday Golf Ryder Bags are a compact full-size bag.  14 clubs fit, but there isn’t much room to spare.  Which is honestly the best kind of carry bag.  If your carry bag gets big, so does the amount of stuff you  put in it thereby increasing its weight.  The 5-way top functions nicely for quick in and out without much worry about which slot it goes into.  Obviously when each slot has 3 clubs in it, they sometimes bind a little on the way out, not so much on the way in.  It is pretty easy to divide a set 5 ways: Putter, woods, long irons, short irons, and wedges.

Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather pockets

5 Pockets

The Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather Stand Bag can carry the items you need for a round of golf, but not much more.  I think this is ideal for a compact carry bag.  The pockets are nice, well placed and designed, but your not going to load up every accessory and gear you have into the bag.  The nice spine Frosty Pocket will hold a couple beverages for your round to stay hydrated.  The other spine pocket will hold golf balls, tees, etc.  The backside pocket will hold a dozen golf balls.  The double topside pocket has an odor resistance velour lined pocket.  The lower half bag pocket can hold a few other accessories or items that you might need like rain gear, but not extra shoes or something bigger like that.  The zippers are really high quality and easy to use in either direction.

Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather stand

Carry/Stand Function

The Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Stand Bag is designed to be carried on your back.  The dual shoulder straps work really nicely in unison to  distribute the weight evenly.  They adjust easily and have nice padding so that it is a comfortable carry.  The handles on the bag make it easy to pick up and wear while walking.  They did also recognize that not all rounds will be walking so they add a cart strap slot in the pockets keeping the cart strap from crushing and restricting pocket use.  The legs deploy easily and the flat base stand mechanism keeps the bag from tipping over, even if the legs aren’t in use.  The back pad has nice ventilation and comfort for walking.  Because the bag is lightweight, yet full featured it really works well for walking 18 holes.

Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Leather wide


The Sunday Golf Ryder S-Class Stand Bag is their “just right” bag by balancing size, feature and function.  The Vegan Leather not only looks good, but the materials also make for a highly functional bag.  I think that this bag is Sunday Golf’s best bag by sticking to their core value of a lightweight, compact, functional stand bag, but big enough to carry all 14 clubs for 18 holes.  The addition of the black vegan leather makes it their most stylish bag too.  If it is time for an upgrade to your bag, the combination of every feature makes this worth checking out.

For More Information: Sunday Golf Website

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