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A Sunday Golf Bag for Monday - Saturday

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I used the Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag for multiple spring rounds of golf.  It is a full feature stand bag that expands Sunday Golf’s line up from partial set bags to a full set bag.  The Ryder is a bag that you can use for every round of golf whether walking or riding.    

This is the my Sunday Ryder Stand Bag Review for 2023.


Sunday Golf started with niche product bags which appealed to the minimalist golfer, par 3 course or Sunday afternoon round of golf.  Each new bag has gotten bigger and bigger.  The Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag is a full featured, full size stand bag that can easily hold 14 clubs (or more) and is suitable to be your every round bag.  It retains many of the features that built up the Sunday Golf brand, while offering more space and better every round features.

The Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag is full sized but still very lightweight and carry friendly.  It has an 7.5″ top and weights 5 lbs.  It isn’t the smallest or lightest, but the combination is a good balance of size, space and weight to offer more than their other “Sunday size” bags.  I really appreciate being able to use this bag on a regular basis.  The Loma and Loma XL were such niche bags that I rarely got to use them since I’m regularly testing clubs on the course.  While I know some golfers prefer less than 14 clubs, most play 14 clubs for at least 95% of their rounds.  Sunday Golf’s need to expand into bigger bags was obvious from day 1.  The Ryder is their first full sized bag and a good one.

The Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag comes with a 5 way top which is a nice carry set up.  This allows you to divide woods, irons and short game clubs how you like.  I found that spacing to be good and the clubs to go in and out easily when stood up or leaned on the legs.  It is a pretty straight-forward top and club divider system with enough dividers to function, but few enough to keep the bag lightweight.

The dual strap on the Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag is well done for a “self balancing” design.  You can throw this bag full of clubs on your bag and go.  It takes minimal adjustments and immediately is comfortable on the back.  The large patterned pad makes it comfortable for all 18 holes. .  It makes it more comfortable for longer walks.  If you are taking this bag to the course for 18 holes, having the weight (even the lighter weight) distributed on both shoulders is much more comfortable.  The straps are very nice and are soft on the shoulders.  My only minor issue with the double strap is where the top loop is right under the “pistol” handle.  So as I quickly grab the bag by the handle, my hand runs into that loop every time.  I understand from a balance stand point, but would love to see that loop moved for more comfortable use of the handle.

The Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag has 6 very well designed zipper pockets that hold all the necessities for a round of golf along with 3 non-zipper pockets.  They are placed in slightly different areas than other bags.  The frosty beverage pocket is a top spine pocket.  Especially in AZ it is nice to have a cold beverage close at hand.  Below that on the spine is the ball/accessory pocket.  On the sides of the bag are bigger accessory/ball/gear pockets.  Near the top of the outside there is a valuables pocket.  Almost like saddle pockets of the spine pocket are nice accessory pockets that also have interior dividers for keeping your stuff from getting all mixed up.  There is a larger side pocket too if you need rain gear along.  One of the unique features of this stand bag is that is also has a pass through slot for a riding cart strap.  This is brilliant since it is going to happen at least once and while that you are going to ride with your stand bag  even if your preference is to walk.

The stand mechanism of the Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag is a tilting base style.  This is one of the cleanest and neatest ways of engaging the leg mechanism.  The legs are light weight and deploy easily.  They aren’t the longest legs so the bag sits at a fairly low angle, but upright enough to make it easy to see clubs.  The combination of stand base, legs and wide stance, this bag is really stable when set down.  The tilting base also means it stand straight up and down too so that you don’t always have to have the legs used.


Bigger is Better!  Yes, the Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag is a full sized, full function daily use stand bag.  It can be filled with clubs for round on Monday – Saturday.  The well designed top, stand mechanism, ample pockets and light weight means that you can use the bag for all of your rounds of golf  The Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag is a couple inches bigger, a pound and a half heavier, but full of additional functions for on course use.  It still isn’t going to carry a full set of clubs, but the dual strap, additional club space, the additional divider make it even better for a 3/4 bag of clubs.

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Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Sunday Golf has been making the smallest and lightest "Sunday" bags and the Ryder bag expands their line into a full size, full function stand bags.

  • ✅  Pros: Lighweight, Titling base leg mechanism, 5-way top, Well placed functional pockets, Frosty Pocket, Dual straps, Good lift handles.

  • ⛔  Cons: Some pockets don't open very wide.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag is their biggest version yet and functions as an every round; Monday to Saturday golf bag. It is great for walking and has features that work for riding too. Sunday Golf made a bag for the rest of the days of the week when you want to use 14 clubs.


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