REVIEW: Sunday Golf Towel

No More Tri-Fold, Metal Grommet, Terry Cloth Towel
Growing up there was only one style of golf towel.  It was a small tri-fold towel that had a brass grommet with a loop clip to attach it to the bag.  They came in a variety of colors and the fancy ones had an embroidered logo.  Those days have long passed with the invention of micro-fiber.  Virtually all golf towels are now some version of micro-fiber.  The metal grommet and clip are gone too.  Instead of small trifold towels, they are now the size of bath towels.  Sunday Golf makes a large micro fiber towel with a putter slot and some stylish option to express your individuality.
Sunday Golf isn’t the first micro fiber towel company, nor do they do something completely new or revolutionary.  They simply make a very nice towel with some different designs that you can’t find anywhere else.   They offer a wide selection of towels at a fair price point.   There are currently 12 options on their website.  Many of the designs coordinate with a location.  Since most of their location based towel didn’t connect with any of the locations I have ever lived, I went with their simplest towel, the El Classico.  It is a mainly white towel with a few red and blue stripes.  It matches nicely with most golf bags. 

The one things that sets apart the Sunday Golf Towel is that it has rounded corners.  While I know this isn’t a big deal, but it does give it a more finished look and keeps the towel from having frayed corners.  While this isn’t going to convince you to buy this towel over another towel, it is a nice look and show their commitment to a high quality towel.

On the course the Sunday Golf Towel performs as expected.  The putter slit allow it to be placed over the putter and then pulled out with the putter while approaching the green.  This way you can clean your golf ball or your clubs as needed.  It holds water similar to other micro fiber towel and scrubs off the dirt as easily as others without scratching even your nice sunglasses.  I like that is is rather large so that you can always find an unused spot for wiping your face.

I understand that golf towel don’t move the needle all the much, but it is a stable every golf should have on their bag, so why not get one that is nice and expresses something about your or a connection you have to a city or team.   Sunday Golf Towels are very well done, large and function just how you want on the course.  Check out their various styles and see if one connects with you.

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Quick Hits:
+Nice microfiber
+Putter slit
+Cool styles
+Round corners