Sundog Eyewear Women's Sunglasses Review

A harmonious fusion of style and functionality while protecting her eyes


Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

My wife was in desperate need of sunglasses and Sundog Eyewear came to the rescue with a pair of Paula Creamer Signature Sundog Eyewear PC TrueBlue BLISS Sunglasses.  She sports them everyday, whether she is driving, going out, hanging out, headed to the course or dressing up.  They are the perfect fusion of style and functionality with amazing eye protection.

This is the definitive Sundog Eyewear Women’s Sunglasses Review for 2024.

Style Meets Function

My wife has the hardest time finding sunglasses that fit her face, that offer the style she is looking for and offer great multi-use function.  The Sundog Eyewear PC TrueBlue BLISS Sunglasses checked all the boxes of what she is looking for.  They have a style that can virtually be worn any day and any time, while offering function that works for driving, hanging out at the pool, going on a hike, or hitting the links.  They have great clarity as well as excellent eye protection.

Polycarbonate Lenses

The Sundog Eyewear PC TrueBlue BLISS Sunglasses use SD-C7 Polycarbonate lens.  They lenses are very durable, scratch resistant and clear.  This is a must for my wife of 4 boys.  She is constantly busy and on the go and doesn’t have time for fragile lenses.  These can withstand her constantly in-motion lifestyle keeping up with 4 active boys.  Whether she is cheering them on at a soccer match, helping them clean off after playing in the mud, driving them to school, or chasing them down the block, these lenses keep up and withstand the abuse she throws at them.


Paula Creamer named these sunglasses BLISS.  It really is a perfect name for them as my wife feels the bliss of putting them on and feeling stylish, comfortable and knows that her eyes are protected.  The offer a high class style with their gold frames and mirrored lenses.  The aviator style is a compliment to her face as well as a classic style that goes with anything she wears.  They are an easy no-thought pair of sunglasses that protect her eyes from the AZ sun every day. They also come with a really stylish case that can be folded flat when no in use, but then pop it open to keep them safe when they aren’t needed indoor or at night.

TrueBlue Lenses

TrueBlue lenses are a focal point of these Sundog Eyewear PC TrueBlue BLISS Sunglasses.  They offer unmatched blue light filtering.  This is the eye straining light that comes from screens. While you might think that the blue light is only indoors, there seems to be a glow of screens everywhere you go, even outside while wearing sunglasses.   Screens are everywhere and being able to block that out can really reduce the strain on our eyes.  Sundog offers this without missing a beat and you wouldn’t even know at first glance that this technology was built into the lenses.


Sundog Eyewear partnered with Paula Creamer to create a line of sunglasses that women will love.  My wife is a huge fan and daily wearer of the Sundog Eyewear PC TrueBlue BLISS Sunglasses.  They combine everything she needs and want in eye protection: style, function, protection and durability.  The Bliss sunglasses can keep up with her busy lifestyle while keeping her looking great no matter what they are paired with.  While having a different pair of sunglasses for everyday of the week might be what some women prefer (SunDog has them covered if they want that too) but having one pair that is guaranteed to look good with anything makes things simple for my wife.  Check out the fusion of style and function with the Sundog Eyewear PC TrueBlue BLISS Sunglasses.

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