Sunice Tornado Rain Coat

Soft, Comfortable, and Repels Everything

In the past 2 years rain gear has come a long ways.  Even just 2 years ago it seemed that most rain gear was very plasticy.  While it worked to repel the rain, that is all it was useful for, it was moderately comfortable but rarely ever saw the light of day unless there was inclement weather.

Sunice’s newest Tornado jacket is changing the way we wear and buy rain gear.  The very first thing I noticed when I opened the box, was how soft the Tornado jacket felt.  I actually wondered if they sent me the wrong jacket.  It is incredibly soft and stretchy.  It looked more like a normal coat, almost sweatshirt like with how soft it was.  Once I tried it on, I couldn’t believe how flexible and comfortable the material was.  They call this material FlexVent.

Now springtime is typically a great time to try out rain gear in the upper Midwest.  It normally rains once or twice a week, and almost always when I have golf planned.  Unfortunately, this year, we are having one of the best golfing springs I can ever remember. There have only been few showers here and there and most of them were overnight.  I did wear the jacket to work a couple days when it was raining.  The drops just bounced off the jacket.  Even after a few minutes in the rain you couldn’t see any evidence that I was out in the rain.  But the greatest test came on the 17th hole the last time I was out.  I was walking under a tree and sure enough a bird decided that I would make a perfect toilet, landing right on my arm, bird doo.  Amazingly much that even bounced off, but the small amount that remained was quickly wiped off with a towel leaving no evidence of the incident.  The repelling power of this jacket is guaranteed for 4 years.  From my experience I don’t see you ever having to take them up on that promise.

Beyond the shell fabric, there are numerous little details that make this a high quality jacket.  The inside has an X-static stretch liner.  The fit is much nicer cut than previous jackets, probably because the X-static and FlexVent materials are much more flexible and breathable, they could make it a little tighter fitting, which is nice for the swing, no bulk to worry about.  The sleeves have dual protection at the wrist.  There is an inner neoprene like cuff that fits like an Under Armour cuff and then the outer Velcro cinching system to tighten the outer cuff as needed.  Getting the sleeves on and off is much easier than previous models.

The pocket and center zipper are all sealed and use a thinner style zipper, which is also better than past models.  They are very smooth with no bunching or binding.  Inside the left pocket is a ball towel that comes in very handy on soggy days.  Inside both pockets are mid-section synching bungees to help get a proper tight fit.  The bottom of the jacket has the same bungee system to ensure that it doesn’t flap in the wind around your waist.  The collar has two stiff inserts behind the neck that comfortably keep the collar standing up for rainy weather, but allow it to be folded down for normal wear.

While rain jackets are most useful in bad weather I found this jacket so comfortable and stylish that I wear it almost every day.  I couldn’t find one negative aspect of this jacket.  The only tiny thing would be that the main zipper is left handed, but that is barely worth mentioning.

Come wind, come rain, come cold weather, even bird poo, the Sunice Tornado Jacket is soft, comfortable and literally repels everything.

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