REVIEW: SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid

The Only Way to Hit the Ball Farther
EVERY golfer chases distance. I feel like I hit the ball pretty far since I can crack 300 at least once a round. But what if every drive was 300+. Many golfers think that by buying the latest and greatest driver they will suddenly hit the ball further. Unfortunately your arms/body can only move so fast, and unless that changes, the driver can’t go faster than your body makes it go. SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid addresses where speed is created by training your body to swing faster. Their creative 3 club system will train you how to create more speed on every swing. I don’t care how far you currently hit the ball, SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid will help you hit the ball farther guaranteed!!
Guaranteed to hit the ball farther?  Sign me up!!  Yes you will hit the ball farther and yes it is guaranteed, but understand it is going to take some work.  The premise of the SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid is to teach/train your muscles to generate more speed by swinging different weighted “clubs” in a series of workouts.  There is a 20% lighter weight, a 10% lighter weight and a 5% heavier weight “club” that you use in a progression of different swings.  If you follow their regimented plan, you will hit the ball further because you will swing faster.  But…..
The SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid is not an overnight swing speed booster.  You probably aren’t going to see results after 1 week.  It is going to take time.  I think it takes a few months to really see results,  probabaly  6 months or more isn’t out of the question to really notice the gains.  SuperSpeed Golf doesn’t recommend moving from the basic workout plan for weeks and months until you are ready for the advanced plan.  It is 3 days a week of training with days of rest in between.  I’ve had the SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid now for just over 6 months months and can really see the results in the driver.  I will say however, I haven’t been as faithful and committed to speed as I should be.   I’ve allowed other things to get in the way of my training/workout time.
The SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid works and is simple.  The 3 “club” system is a tip weight on a graphite shaft with a grip on it.  They feel like golf clubs and even have a length that feels normal.  You just don’t hit the ground with them.   These “clubs” have all the features of a training aid that appeals to me; easy to use, travel friendly, not weird, and will benefit anyone.  You can simply “grip it and rip it” and repeat, repeat, repeat.  They have a sequence of right and left handed swings, step swings and regular swings to get you started.   Basically you just swings as hard as you can for 10 swings and then switch.  It is all about training your muscles to swing faster.  Form isn’t that critical, just swing hard.  A swing speed radar will really help you see the visual results.  When you start the training only swinging around 100mph and then after training start swinging 110 mph consistently the visual feedback is real.   It can be done in about 10 minutes a session.  My only wish is that they came with printed instructions instead of YouTube videos only.
The SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid will reveal its true success on the golf course once you have to start driving the ball past your playing partners or have to club down on approach shots.   It is guaranteed to work, because it is a training/workout system that can make any golfer stronger and faster.   (if you are a senior, lady or junior they have specially designed clubs for these groups too)  The only thing holding you back is yourself.  When you train you get faster, but it requires work and effort.  A few swings here or a few training sessions there is not going to get it done.  This is about a commitment to speed.  Yes, your body type and muscles  will impact the rate of increase, but everyone has some room to improve;  even the pros gaining speed through training.  You just need space to swing the “clubs”.

 The SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid is at the top of my list of favorite training aids  because it works and is easy to use.  I do suggest getting a swing speed radar too so that you can track you increases and follow your progress.  They encourage you to strive for faster speed while you are training and without the radar it is hard to know if you are accomplishing those increases.  If you want to hit the ball farther, don’t buy another club until you build up your speed with SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to use
+Simple set-up
+Works for anyone
+3 days a week workout
+Guaranteed to hit the ball farther

–Wish it came with printed directions