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Can Socks Really Help Your Golf Game?

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Swiftwick Socks have been making high performance socks for 15 years.   I tried the Flite XT, Pursuit and Aspire Socks which offer different benefits for golfers. I wore these pairs of Swiftwicks for multiple rounds of golf.

 This is the definitive Swiftwick Flite XT, Aspire and Pursuit Socks Review for 2023.

Can golf socks really help your game? A pair of socks can’t add 15 yards to your drive, nor can they guarantee you’ll hit more fairways nor make more putts.  However, bad socks can certainly ruin a round and impact future rounds of golf. While you rarely think about your golf socks, I’d like you to evaluate your feet after a round of golf and consider the potential that your feet might appreciate better socks, especially if they are hurting.  Swiftwick offers many golf specific socks that will keep your feet comfortable and help them recover faster after golfing.

Flite XT

The Swiftwick Flite XT is their newest sock for golf.  It is blend of fibers to fit nicely while staying in place.  It has what they call: Anklelock technology which is designed to keep the sock from moving around or rubbing during a round of golf.  The Gripdry Fibers are bands of grip to keep the sock in place in the heel and forefoot so that you feet stay in place in your shoes.  It create a stable more connected feeling first to your shoes and then to the ground.  While these socks are almost unnoticeable both visibly and in reality during a round of golf, if you are wearing Swiftwick there is a chance you will notice bunched up, blister creating cheap socks on your feet if they are sliding around in your shoes.


The Swiftwick Pursuit Sock are their version of wool socks.  While in my head I always thought that wool was scratchy and only for cold weather, I’ve learned the opposite.  Wool is soft and ideal for all temperatures, especially the heat.  The Pursuit sock is made with Merino wool which wicks moisture and keeps your feet blister free.  It also regulates the heat in the summer, actually keeping your feet cool.  Swiftwick makes them slightly thinner than competitors which means you have a little truer fit in your shoe and a little more connected to it.


The Swiftwick Aspire sock is a golf compression sock.  While all of Swiftwick’s socks have some compression, these have firm compression. The benefits of compression have been well documented by numerous studies. The circulation benefits of compression will certainly show up the next day after walking 18 or 36 holes.  You might not feel it up front, but recovery is so much faster.  While these are the thinnest of the 3 pairs, there is still enough cushion for comfort.  They too connect you closer to your shoe while keeping your feet dry and comfortable.


Swiftwick offers many choices of socks for golf.  The Flite XT, Pursuit and Aspire are excellent choices depending on your needs.   All Swiftwick socks have a little compression, low show and contoured fit; these go in various directions to offer golf specific benefits.  While Swiftwick socks aren’t going to improve your golf game, they will certainly help your feet stay comfortable and recover after the round.  You won’t have blisters or sore feet from your socks no matter how many holes you walk.  They are comfortable, durable and beneficial for your feet.

For more information: Swiftwick Website

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