REVIEW: Swing Align Goal Post Putting Training Aid

Avoid the Dreaded "Wide Right" or "Wide Left"
As a football fan, there is nothing worse than hearing the announcer say “wide right” or “wide left” on the game winning field goal. There were moments in Super Bowls and Playoff games that crushed the hopes and dreams of players and fans. If only the ball had gone through the middle of the goal posts, the outcomes would have been much different. While golf doesn’t require anyone to kick a ball through goal posts, the terms “wide left” or “wide right” are still dreaded terms when it comes to putting. Watching that potential birdie putt slide past the hole is heartbreaking when it was a chance to win a major. Swing Align Goal Post putting training aid is designed to train your putting stroke to hit the center of the face thus avoiding “wide left” or “wide right.”
The Swing Align Goal Post training aid is actually a very simple tool.  It attaches to most putters by a tension screw that splits the uprights over the center of the face.  It has rubber washers that  go onto the goal post which increase the difficulty of getting cleanly between the uprights.  There is also an add on alignment guide which also helps visualize the aim point.  
The Swing Align Goal Post is a muscle memory training aid which means it doesn’t necessarily correct any flaws, it just works through feedback to teach you to hit the center of the face.  This is critical to good putting.  Hitting squarely on the center of the face will at least help with one factor of putting.  Aim and speed are another thing, but square putts have a better chance of being online and the correct speed than off-center hits.
The Swing Align Goal Post won’t fit on every putter.  2-ball putter and many other mallet putters don’t have a cavity which means the goal posts can’t attach to them.  This is ideally designed for blade style putters or mallets that have a cavity of some sort behind the face.  While that does limit those that can use this training aid, for those of us that play anser style putters this is a great tool.  I was impressed how quickly my focus was dialed in to the putting stroke.  I find myself concerned often about the results but not the process.  This made me concentrate on the motion of the putting stroke so that it was smooth and steady.  

The Swing Align Goal Post Putting Training Aid is a simple tool that helps avoid “wide right” and “wide left”.  It isn’t for every putter, but if you haven’t been hitting the center of the face or if your putting stroke is a little shaky, this tool will certain cause you to focus.  I improved my putting, by focusing on a smooth consistent stroke.  The feedback is instant and the tool is small enough to keep in your golf bag at all time.  At the cost of a dozen golf balls, if you can shave a stroke or two off your score, especially on the greens, this might just be the tool that helps you avoid the dreaded “wide right” or “wide left”.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy set-up
+Instant feedback
+Improves putting stroke
+Levels of difficulty

–Doesn’t work on all putters