Review: Talamonti Hybrid Shafts

Don’t fear the yellow hybrid
 Two years ago I wrote a review of the Talamonti PD-70 shaft (review here) and I was impressed.  I let my brother-in-law- borrow the driver with it in, and he still plays it, actually crushes it is the proper term.  So when Phil told me that he now has a website, is on Facebook and Twitter I was really excited.  On top of that, he just released a new hybrid shaft.  There are 2 versions, the H-85 and H-100.  Both come in a striking “fearless” yellow. 

I dropped the H-85 in my 20* Adams Pro Gold hybrid and the H-100 in my 23* Adams Pro Gold.  I followed Phil’s installation instructions and lined up the MOI optimized dots for the best results.  This combo looked really nice.  I think some might be apprehensive about the color, but it looks really nice, especially against a black head.

The H-85 is designed to have a little more kick for a quick initial launch but then it flattens out mid-flight for excellent carry.  What again impressed me with the Talamonti shaft was the consistency.  I just hit the same shot, over and over.  Towering bombs that just went straight.  I’ve had 3 different shafts in the Pro Golds and this was the most consistent one yet.  It just wanted to go straight.  Into the wind I had a couple shots that got caught up in the wind and lost some distance, but still went straight.  I would call this a solid mid launch hybrid shaft.  I even picked up a couple yards with this shaft.

The H-100 is probably the best hybrid shaft I have ever hit.  I like the little extra weight and the little stouter feel.  It is a little lower launch than the H-85 and just flat out flies.  It still had great initial launch, but flattened out sooner.

I honestly couldn’t find anything negative about these shafts.  Probably the only issue people will have is their desire to demo one.  These shafts are not all over the market, but trust me you will not be disappointed with these shafts.  I love the color, and at the price, you won’t find a better deal on a hybrid shaft.  You can order them right off his website and they come MOI optimized (a proprietary version of puring and spine alignment) for easy installation.  If you want your hybrid to go a little straighter, launch at a near perfect trajectory check these out.  If you need a little more lift go H-85, if you want to bring it down just a touch, go H-100.  Keep your eyes on the lookout for more great stuff from Talamonti Shafts; they are the best deal for the highest quality shaft around.

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Quick hits
+Awesome Feel
+Excellent Control
+Highest quality for great price

–Finding one to demo