Review: Talamonti Light 55 Shaft

Light Done Right
Lightweight shafts are nothing new to the golf market, but finding one that works is more difficult.  So often lightweight shafts offer high launch, high spin and high dispersion.  It seems version after version they are all kind of the same.  There have been great improvements in the last year or two, but still heavier weighted shafts tend to win out for me. They are more stable, have lower spin, offer better launch parameters and usually are more consistent.  But not anymore, Phil Talamonti’s new Light 55 shaft is “light done right”
Before we dive into the results with this shaft, it is hard to pass up the new Talamonti look.  A mostly white shaft with a giant bright colored shaft band near the grip.  There are 4 new shafts to the market, each color signifiying a different shaft model.  The Blue band is the Light 55.  It is a great looking shaft for either a white driver head or a traditional black driver head.  I really like the bold new look.  The Talamonti line has come a long ways in the last couple years.


“Light Done Right” is evident on the course.  While this shaft is lighter, it is not over the top.  It has a great balance point that doesn’t throw your swing completely off because of the weight difference.  Immediately the ball flight is noticably good; it is a quick rise off the face with a flat, mid trajectory that descends gradually to the ground.  It is very similar to the Talamonti PD-70 shaft, yet almost 20 grams lighter.  It also appeared to offer fairly low spin rates due to the ample roll out and lack of side spin.  This is the rarest feature in a lightweight shaft. 

But what sets all Talamonti shafts apart from their competitors is the dispersion.  Phil continues to design shafts that are as tight as any I have played.  I have confidence when I put a Talamonti shaft in my club that I will find the fairway the majority of the time.  This one was no different.  While a bad swing will alway produce bad results, it seemed like marginal swings still found the targeted area.  While in previous shaft lines he had special shaft orientation installation instructions, because of the adjustable hosels, there isn’t really the same need for that. 

The feel of the Light 55 is very smooth with a controled release.  It didn’t feel loose or have a strong kick, just a consistent feeling from takeaway to follow through.

Finally a lightweight shaft that is has lower spin, mid launch, tight dispersion and excellent feel.  Phil Talamonti really knows how to make a great shaft.  While you can’t just walk into any golf store and demo one of these shafts, I don’t think you will be disappointed with a Talamonti shaft.  Give him a call/email, he will work with you to get you in the best fitting shaft for your swing, it might just be the Talamonti Light 55; it is “Light Done Right”

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Tight dispersion
+Great feel
+Lower Spin
+Mid launch

–A little higher cost for this shaft