Review: Talamonti LS-70 Shafts

Lowest Spin for Longest Drives
Every golfer has a different swing and every golfer has a different need when it comes to a driver shaft, but ideal numbers for every golfer would be high launch angle with low spin.  Now there are different ways of achieving those ideal numbers.  
For some golfers they need a high launching shaft, for other they need more spin on the ball, but for some of us, we need the lowest spinning shaft you can find to keep spin rates down in order to maximize our drive distance.  I find so many low spin shafts either aren’t that low spin for me, don’t feel very good, or launch too low to maximize the low spin.  The Talamonit LS 70 Shaft is exactly what I need, a super low spin shaft, that still allows for a decent launch angle.

You can’t miss this shaft because it has a really cool look.  I love the mostly white shaft with just a simple 360* lime green label that sticks out from under the grip.  I have mine installed in a Callaway RAZR fit head which is black, but I also put it next to my Taylormade R1 head and it would have looked good installed in that head too.  It really would look nice with a number of different driver heads. 

I did my typical install using a Callaway RAZR fit tip, no tipping, just a straight install to a finished 45.5″.  It keeps the driver a nice D3 swingweight.  I had it set to the Neutral setting and away I went to the course.  Since this is not a new driver, I have a pretty good feel of what this driver is going to do.  My first hit with this shaft went straight down the fairway up the left side.  It rose pretty quick to a low/mid height and it just seemed to stay in the air forever.  I watched it hit the ground and bound down the fairway.  It really is just about the ideal flight pattern I am looking for.  Not super low launch, just a quick rising, flat flight, and bouncy landing.  It was the same thing drive after drive with very little left or right action, for me it really wanted to go straight.  The low spin was evident by the hang time, the roll out and the lack of movement side to side.  

I did get some time on a LM with this shaft and it didn’t seem to bring my launch angle down much, but dropped my spin by a good 500 rpms over some other so-called low spin shafts.  I was getting around 2100 rpms with this shaft in the RAZR fit head, which is really good for me.

The Talamonti LS-70 is no doubt a low spin bomber that also feels amazing.  It doesn’t have a strong kick or hinge feeling, nor does it have a boardy feeling, just a smooth transition from start to finish.  What was probably my favorite aspect of this shaft is the fact that you can swing easy or swing for the fences and you get great results either way.  I was in FL playing(since MN still has a foot of snow) and as my rounds were adding up and my swing was getting better, I kept swinging harder and harder at times even trying some of the wildest swings I could put on the ball and still had mostly good results.  It won’t solve your swing issues, but the low spin stability this shaft offers will definitely be good from stronger golfers.  Phil Talamonti isn’t offering this shaft in weak flexes because many slow swing speed players don’t need to cut their spin like I do, but if you bring the heat, you will not find a better low spin shaft made by any company. 

I really think this could be my driver shaft for 2013.  I think this would be a great fit for many golfers that need to cut down spin.  You will not be disappointed with this or any Talamonti shaft.  I know you haven’t heard too much about them (other than here) nor have you tested one, but trust me they are worth the investment.  The Talamonti LS-70 is my favorite lowest spin shaft for the longest drives.

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Quick Hits
+Low Spin
+Great Feel
+Perfect low/mid launch
+Super long

–You’ve never heard of or tried a Talamonti shaft