REVIEW: Taylormade Jetspeed Driver

Simply Speedy
Taylormade has gone from the most complex adjustable driver on the market in the R1 to the simplest in the Jetspeed.  While some might see it as step backwards, I actually think it is a step in the right direction.  We golfers already think too much, have so many variables, and many inconsistencies that we don’t need 5,000 possible set-ups for our driver.  A couple minor adjustments are more than enough and then just a head that flat out performs.  That is exactly what the new Jetspeed is; simply speedy. 
I got great clubhead speed and ball speed numbers with this head, which translated into on course bombs.  Since I haven’t had my Flightscope Launch monitor for all my previous clubs I not 100% sure how much speed or distance, if any, I picked up but I can say this, the Jetspeed simply performs.  I’ve had the SLDR in the bag for the closing part of the 2013 season.  I’m torn because I hit is so well, finding an average of 12.5 fairways a round with plenty of distance.  But according to my numbers, the Jetspeed will be longer on the course (which the one round I hit it outdoors looked true) but potentially I’m only giving up a couple yards of dispersion.  So I’m thinking that means I’d average about 11 fairways a round.  Will the extra distance trump the extra fairway?  Tough call; we all like to hit the long ball further.

The biggest technology in this driver is the “speed slot” on the bottom of the club.  It is Taylormade’s first driver with this technology which they’ve been using in the recent iron offerings.  Paired with the speed slot, is low forward CG placement which lowers the spin rates allowing for higher loft which in turn should translate into longer driver. 

Other manufactures claim that the MOI is not as high in low/forward CG clubs, but if that is true, I couldn’t tell because I found great accuracy and dispersion with this driver.  Maybe not quite as tight as the SLDR but certainly the head is forgiving when it comes to ball speed and distance.  I hit it all over the face and still had great numbers.  The lighter longer shaft is probably the big difference in dispersion, but also what helps pick up some clubhead speed.

Taylormade is going back to good looking drivers with the Jetspeed.  The matte black/grey crown looks stunning up against the silver face and sole.  It does have some simple alignment aids: the rear striping that isn’t too obnoxious.  It would look even better without them, but some guys are going to like what those lines offer.  They do point the driver easily in the right direction.

What might have been the biggest shocker is the Matrix Velox stock shaft which is lightweight yet offers some really low spin for an off-the-rack shaft.  I expected to need to swap out shafts to get good numbers, but actually got really good numbers with it just as it was.  That really make things simple.  I didn’t have to mess with the settings or shaft, just grip it and rip it.

Taylormade Jetspeed is simply speedy.  The low and forward CG certainly works for me.  I like seeing lower spin numbers and thus longer drives.  The non-white drivers look great and this speed slot thing gets the job done.  The Jetspeed is a forgiving, easy to hit, long driver.  I’m not sure anyone is claiming this driver is 17 yards longer than the others, but it is certainly consistently long and forgiving.  It is Simply Speedy.

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Quick Hits
+Great style
+Speed slot seems to work
+Low/forward CG
+Works right off the rack
+Long and forgiving

–Not as tight as the SLDR