Taylormade RBZ 3 Wood Stage 2 Review

It is Long-ier, Straight-ier and Easy-ier

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Taylormade RBZ 3 Wood Stage 2

Here is my Taylormade RBZ 3 Wood Stage 2 Review. 

I have been using this club for quite some time now.

These are my thoughts on it’s performance for me and my experience overall.

Taylormade RBZ 3 Wood Stage 2
Taylormade RBZ 3 Wood – Overview
Last year Taylormade took the golfing world by storm with their Rocketballz 3 wood.  Between the name and the performance, it was all people were talking about.  They made big promises of distance gains and from what I heard from most people, it worked.  Unfortunately for me, Taylormade didn’t send one my way to review.  But in 2013 I received a RBZ 3 Wood Stage 2 Tour.  Last year the promise was 17 yards, this year another 10 yards onto that. That is why they went with the RocketBallz-ier promo for this year.  In total Taylormade is promising 27 yards longer than other 3 woods.  On paper that sounds like a preposterous claim.   27 yards is a lot.  For most people that would make their 3 wood as long as or longer than their driver.  So I entered this review with the greatest of skepticism.
Since we’ve had such poor  weather this spring in the Midwest I hit the indoor LM first with this club.  I set it down to start swinging and I couldn’t miss all the paint on the crown.  While some might balk at it, I really didn’t find it distracting at all and the arrow-like design makes alignment a breeze.  Point the giant arrow at your target and swing away.  I decided to hit it first off a tee.  My first shot I thought was a fluke.  I was getting ball speed numbers almost the same as my driver.  The distance was just short of my driver and it was dead straight.  Beginners luck I thought, or maybe the camera-based LM was picking up the head instead of the ball.  It must have been a misread.  About an hour later and a bucket of range balls, very little had changed.  This 3 wood is long-ier than any 3 wood I have ever hit.

Hitting a 3-wood off a tee or carpet indoors under perfect conditions is one thing, but what about off real grass outdoors.  My first round outside offered about the worst conditions you could have in the spring, it was cold, damp and down right sloppy on the course.  They probably shouldn’t have even been open between the standing water and snow, but the greens were clear so in MN that means they open.  The first hole is a straight forward par 5.  After a decent drive that just trickled off the fairway I pulled out the RocketBallz 3 wood Stage 2 and gave it a rip.  It cut right through the light rough and crushed the ball to the front edge of the green where it just plugged.  It was a 240yard second shot, which was about the same yardage as my driver off the tee.  A few holes later I was again around that 250 yards out and this time hit the fringe and it stuck.  I didn’t get a yard of roll, but I was flying it around 240.  That is a good 15 yards longer on the fly compared to my other 3-woods. My next 4 rounds things had finally dried out and I found I was getting a good 10 to 15 yards of roll.  That put me right around 20-25 yards longer than my previous 3 woods. 

Hitting the Rocketballz Stage 2 3-wood long-ier is great, but actually I liked how straight-ier it was.  I would give up a few yards to be online,  because there is nothing worse than ripping a drive down the middle and going for the green in 2 shots to only find yourself in deep trouble because of a wayward 3-wood, or stepping up to the tee box on a tight hole to hit your safe club into the trees.  The RBZ Stage-2 is straight-ier too.  I was rarely offline with this club, indoors or outdoors.  While I could miss it and still hit a  big cut, I had a higher percentage of straight shots with this 3-wood than any other I’ve hit.

It is easy-ier too.  I attribute that to the forgiveness, the alignment and the lift.  This combination offered confidence and simplicity on every shot.  There were a couple holes that I wanted to cut the corner of a dogleg with towering 3-wood shots.  It was no problem with the 3 wood, just like the RBZ Stage 2 hybrid it elevates very quickly and just carries.  This is a great feature for soft landing into greens.  The face isn’t huge, but surprisingly forgiving.  I didn’t always hit dead center, but the slot on the bottom did its job.  This is as close to a grip it and rip it 3-wood as you will find.


There are many different variations of this club: the regular, tour and TP versions.   It could be tough deciding which one is right for you.  I went with the tour model.  It has a slightly heavier shaft, is a little more compact, has an adjustable hosel, starts with a lower loft and is a lower spin head.  It really fit my needs perfectly.  The Matrix Rocketfuel 70 gram shaft has great feel and stability.  The shaft feels similar to an X-con shaft by Matrix.  The adjustable hosel lets you dial it in right or left and up and down.  I didn’t mess with mine much simply because it was such a good fit as it came.

I became a believer-ier in 2013.  The Taylormade Rocketballz 3 wood is a serious club.  I wouldn’t have believed it without trying it myself, but this club can flat out fly the ball and hit its target almost every shot.  The TM RBZ Stage 2 3 wood is Long-ier, Straight-ier and Easy-ier.

Check the price online here

For more information: www.taylormadegolf.com

Quick Hits

➕ Long-ier than any other 3-wood
➕ Straight-ier for confidence off any turf
➕ Easy-ier to get the results you want
➕ Very straight hitting

➖ Many model confusion


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