Review: Taylormade RBZ Stand Bag

Can a bag add 17 yards?
No, a bag will not add any yardage to your drives or fairway shots, but yet a bag is an important part of your game.  The RBZ stand bag is Taylormade’s companion product to the entire RBZ line of clubs, balls and accessories.

If this were just a blank bag it would be a very good bag.  It is lightweight, has ample storage, is sturdy, easy to carry and offers some nice little details.  Being logoed up with RBZ and Taylormade make a perfect bag for the golfer that has the full line up of RBZ clubs.
The first aspect of this bag that I think is worth talking about is the stand system.  Most reviews of stand bags cover the legs themselves, but rarely do they talk about the angle the bag rests at.  (review here included).  Some bags stand very upright while others have a much flatter standing angle.  The RBZ bag is one of the flatter angled bags I’ve used.  The legs open very easily and have a wide stance for very good on course stability.  It didn’t fall down once, even in strong winds during a couple rounds using this bag.  The legs went wide thus lowering the leading edge of the bag.  I’m not sure if there is a benefit one way or the other.  The biggest difference I could notice is that the flatter the bag angle, the less bind of grips on removal since gravity tends to pull the shafts down to the dividers rather than allowing them to bind against each other freely.

This was used as a carry bag, a push cart bag and on a power cart.  It worked well in each application.  There were no issues with the base in any of those.  It rode very nice on my Clicgear push cart as well as on the power carts at the course.  No twisting, turning or any issues.
The top divider is a basic 6-way top with a couple full length dividers sown in to keep the spaces separate.  The plastic handle on the upper part of the top is really useful for picking the bag up off the ground or out of the car.  The top worked great for 13 clubs.  Each section was plenty big to could multiple clubs and yet allowed for easy extraction.  The only problem was with the 14th club the putter.  There was no separate divider or putter-well so it got tossed in with the other clubs.  It worked fine, but I’ve really come to prefer something separate for the putter.
The pockets of this bag were well placed and offered ample space to carry anything you could need on the course.  My bag was loaded up with rain gear, and cold weather gear along with the normal selection of balls, tees and other accessories.  There is a nice sized insulated beverage holder.  The other little hooks,loops and straps were well positioned and were used to hold a brush, ball marker and towel. 

If you are a fan of the RBZ clubs you already added “17 yards” to your game, now you can get the bag to match.  Unfortunately for me, I don’t have any RBZ clubs in my bag so it seemed a bit awkward when people were curious which ones I was playing, only to find out I wasn’t hitting anything RBZ.  There is only one version of this stand bag, matching the RBZ color scheme.  It looks like the RBZ moniker will be continued in 2013 so this bag will be in style for at least couple seasons.  It is a good stand bag, especially if you play the RBZ clubs.

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Quick Hits
+Stable stand
+Low angle for easy club removal
+Great pocket arrangement
+6-way top

+/-RBZ logoed

-No putter specific slot/tube