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Review: TaylorMade Rossa Corza Ghost Putter

This is one of those friendly ghosts
Ghosts have often been seen as scary creatures to haunt and torment us.  Some time ago there was a great kids series about a friendly ghost.  So where does the Rossa Corza Ghost fit into that spectrum?  It is definitely a friendly ghost.  I was very pleased with the results with this putter.

Obviously the main feature that can’t be missed is the white colored putter head, hence the name Ghost.  The current retail model is the Rossa Corza, which is a larger mallet with 3 sight lines and a hole cut out of the back.  It has a high MOI with a good hefty weight.   In the sun light the white is very similar to a bright white golf ball.  It was brighter than some of the high-end balls that have the yellowish tint to them, but very similar to the color of a ball.  The three sight lines form a perfect frame to the golf ball and the circle cut out lines up nicely.  It kind of looks like ball, lines and then ball again.  The white is a distinct, but not distracting contrast to the green.    Alignment was very easy and not overly deliberate.  I found I could get set, line up and putt rather quickly with this putter.  It just sat down and almost lined itself up behind the ball.

The other feature is the AGSI insert.  It was better than most of the inserts I have putted with.  While still a tiny bit clicky/plasticy, it was much firmer and felt very solid in the head.  Regardless of feel and sound, it does put a nice forward roll on the ball.

My putting has changed over the years, as a former devout mallet lover, I recently moved to an anser style putter with no regrets, so moving back to a mallet was definitely a new feeling again.  The weight is not all at the face, but now pushed out to the corners.  After just minutes on the putting green, the ghost felt very comfortable in my hands.

Once I got on the course, I really enjoyed using this putter.  I think I did my best lag putting I’ve ever done with any putter.  I was consistently burning the edges of the cup and always leaving very short second putts.  While I maybe didn’t make quite as many 1 putts I had virtually no 3 putts with this putter.

The grip is a very soft, slightly tacky Winn grip that I really liked.  It is a little bigger, almost a midsized grip that fits and feels very nice with this putter.  The white-formed headcover does an excellent job of protecting the head.  It is a magnetic style cover that fits perfectly, but yet is removed easily.  I did have one round where the wind kept catching it as we were driving down the cart path and pulling it off, but none of the other rounds did this happen, so I assume it was just a fluke, but just in case this happens to you, just move where your putter is in your bag.

I think the “Ghost” concept is solid and worked really well for me.  I can’t wait to see the other style putters done in a “ghost” finish.  Justin Rose has been winning with his Rossa Corza and Paula Creamer won the US Women’s Open with her custom Daytona.  I have feeling we’ll be seeing more friendly “Ghosts” in the future in both pro’s and amateur’s bags.  Don’t be scared off by this putter, it is a very friendly one.  It is easy to line up and make putts.

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