Review: 2010 TaylorMade TMX Carry Bag

Finally the US gets a good-looking bag
May avid golfers, especially those on golf forums know that Japanese golfers have many more options when it comes to golf bags, and most of them look amazing.  But back home in the US our options are either plain and boring, or wild and bright, but we rarely get a stylish and classy bag, until now.
The TaylorMade TMX 2010 Stand Bag is without a doubt the best looking bag on the market.  I did some homework and went bag shopping at all of the local golfstores.  There wasn’t a bag that was as good looking as my new TMX stand bag.  The 2009 TMX stand bag was close, but the new one is just simply better.  This stand bag looks almost like a staff bag.  The material is perforated leather look alike.  It has smooth contoured lines and just enough black and red to make it pop.  It has a big look with the footprint of a normal stand bag.

Now sure the looks might be my opinion but let’s talk about the other features that make this bag amazing.  The details are what make this bag stand out.  First off all the rivets are done with a fancy dark nickel finish with the TaylorMade T on them.  All the slots or holes on the bag are also sealed with a black nickel bezel.  The zippers all have black nickel metal pull-tabs.  Everything is sturdy and has a heavy duty like construction.

While this bag doesn’t have 45 pockets on it, it has the necessary pockets for a good carry bag.  The ball pocket is your standard pocket on the lower part of the bag.  It is deep and wide for easy access.  Right above that pocket is the lined valuables pocket deep enough for any cell-phone, wallet and a couple of other items.  The left side has the shorter pocket that I like to fill with extra balls and a few accessories.  Also, part of that pocket is the foil lined beverage holder.  I like the placement and design, but it was a touch tight for my VitaminWater bottle.   The right side has a big pocket that runs the entire length of the bag.  I keep rain gear, and even an extra pair of shoes in there.  It is big and expands nicely.  This pocket also has an inner zipper that allows you to get at something that might have fallen down to the bottom of the bag.

The top dividers system is a 6-way divider.  This is a change from the 8-way divider of 2009.  I like this one better.  There is plenty of space to get clubs out easily.  I think there is always a debate whether there should be 14-way divider or some other format.  This one works fine.  The only thing I would like to see would be some sort of putter well or divider so that I can keep that club away from my other clubs.  But even without that I did get comfortable having my putters in with my other clubs.

The stand system is nicely protected by the bag, as it is mostly internal.  The pressure plate was large enough and deployed the legs with ease.  The legs themselves were thin with angle rubber feet.  There was no digging or marks left on the soft spring fairways.

The shoulder strap system is also an improvement over previous models.  It has a central hub that the traps attach to and pivot from.  It is padded and sits comfortably in the middle of your back.  It also holds the straps in the perfect position for quickly putting the bag on your shoulders.  I seem to always put the right shoulder strap on first.  The left one goes on second and it was always easy to find and easy to put on.  It was almost like someone was holding it out to help you.

The umbrella strap and hooks worked well along with the black nickel carabineer for accessories.  As you can see from my pictures I loaded it up.  I like that it had two upper holes for keeping them separated a little.  There are two accessories ctabs that are new to the TMX bag for 2010.  You can purchase add-on cases for cell phone, gps, rangefinders, cigars, etc, that will clip right on to your bag securely.
While there are no color options, this bag is mostly white; with a little black and red, it was easy to keep clean.  Dirt just wipes right off the leather like material.  I hope this trend continues by TaylorMade of offering us a classy bag.  While is just a touch heavier than other bags, by the time you get all your gear in it, the extra weight is negligible.

If you want to have a classy, good looking functional stand bag, this is it.  There is also a cart version and a staff bag version.  (Now all I need are some TaylorMade clubs to go in the bag.)  Finally, here is a bag for the US customers that looks amazing and works well too.

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