Review: TecTecTec VPRODLX 1K Laser Rangefinder

Distance Doesn't Have To Be Expensive
I grew up playing golf with free distance. It also meant that I guessing at the distance to trees, bunkers, and the pin. There were some basic yardage markers on the course that I would meticulously pace off to my ball to get as accurate of distance as I could, only to find out how approximate those distances were. Flying over the green or coming up short was a regular occurrence when I had to guess at distances. But jump ahead to the last 10 years and I’ve always had a laser rangefinder attached to my bag. I always know the exact distance to anything that is in my line of sight. This distance knowledge didn’t come free, many laser rangefinder cost about the same as a new driver. The data is even more valuable than that for my game, but having a lower priced option is certainly welcomed. TecTecTec is relatively new to the market, but has been able to carve out a nice chunk through internet sales and low prices.
 TecTecTec offers 3 models; VPRO500, VPRO DLX and VPRODLX 1K.  The models offer different accuracy points from 500 yards, 600 yards or 1000 yards.  There is also a Slope sub-model for each one too.  Each model has 6x magnification, a rainproof shell and 3 modes for distance; scan, pin and first target.  They have slightly different shapes and come in a handful of colors.  I received the VPRODLX 1K model for my testing in silver.  The branding is relatively simple and comes with all the normal accessories you’d get with any other rangefinder.  The case is nice, the instructions are simple and it is ready to go out of the box with a battery.
The GPS vs. Laser Rangefinder debate is for another article, but certainly the easy and ready to use nature of the TecTecTec VPRODLX 1K is really nice.  Just press the power button on top and you can instantly have distance to anything you are looking at through the eye piece.  I’ve only got about 8 rounds in with this rangefinder, but unless it is drastically different from other laser rangefinders (which it doesn’t appear to be) it will last me the whole season on one battery. 
The TecTecTec VPRODLX 1K has a really nice size and shape to it.  While the unit is lower priced than most, it doesn’t feel or look cheap.  The shape fits nicely in one hand and the body stands up to tosses into the cart or on the ground while hitting.  The battery cover stays secured tightly so that is never an issue.  The case has both a zipper and a bungee strap so that it is securely held in the case and to your bag.  It has a nice solid weight to it, maybe on the slightly lighter side, but no so light that it becomes hard to hold steady.
The TecTecTec VPRODLX 1K is very similar to other laser rangefinder on the market, at a lower price point.  The measurements read out as quickly as any other brand; they appear instantly on the LCD display when you push the button.  They only offer a black LCD read out, but it is easy to read almost all light conditions.  It doesn’t have a lock or beep in the Pinseeker mode so sometimes I’d shoot something a few times to make sure I had the right distance.  Side by side with another laser, the measurements were the same.  I did notice that the mode button was easily bumped and I’d go from Pinseeker mode to Scan mode without wanting to.  But just as easy as it was to switch out of the mode, it was just as easy to switch back into the proper mode.

TecTecTec offers a solid laser rangefinder at a great price.  Distance doesn’t have to cost so much, yet you are still going to get accurate distances, a nicely shaped unit, an easy to use laser and season long battery life.  While it may not have all the bells and whistles or name of the more pricey units, it gets the job done; accurate distances at the lowest price.

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Quick Hits:
+Lowest price point laser
+Laser lasts all season on 1 battery
+Easy to use
+Nice case
+Ergonomic shape

–Mode switched too easily