REVIEW: Ted Baker Golf Apparel

TED Talks Golf Apparel
TED Talks are famous for their information about Technology, Entertainment and Design. Those three topics will be the talking points about Ted Baker Golf Apparel. While I had never heard of Ted Baker Golf Apparel until I learned about them from Function18; which by the way is a UK based online golf apparel store. Ted Baker actually has been around since 1987 in the apparel industry in London. They are actually a pretty big brand world wide which reminded me how little I know about the bigger fashion world outside of golf.
Technology-While the Ted Baker pants and polos don’t have any electronic components nor are they “smart” connected to anything; the technology used to make the pants is pretty cool.  They feel like a wool blend pants, but yet are water repellent.  That is a great feature even for the AZ desert.  The winter months are cooler, especially in the mornings so these are great for that. It tends to be pretty damp on the course during the winter months here so that water repellent comes into function as the carts are kicking up dew and water.  It was nice to stay 100% dry during the round.  They are not a replacement for rain pants, but under normal circumstances these pants are awesome.  The other technologies are the infusion of prints into plain materials.
EntertainmentTed Baker Golf Apparel has numerous fun prints.  I went with a slightly more subtle look, but it still  has fun in the collar.  If you want to go bold, Ted Baker has you covered with polos that have flamingos and flowers and other bright colors.  The pants while more subtle in Navy tones also have some fun patterns in the cuff and pockets.  What I really appreciate is the entertainment factor can be both subtle, classy and in your face all at the same time.  That is no small feat to pull that off.
Design-This is really the strong suit of Ted Baker Golf Apparel.  It seems like they have thought of everything.  The pants have more pockets and accessories than a Swiss Army Knife.  There is a velcro strap on the upper rear of the pants to hold your glove.  There is a snap which holds a micro-fiber towel in your pocket.  There are multiple front pockets for separating tees and ball marker from your main pocket.  The ankle cuff has contrasting pattern.  The pockets are all deep and wide so that nothing every falls out.  Instead of a single button to hold your pants on, there is a button, a slide and a snap.   These pants are not coming off.  The polo too has snaps, hidden patterns and a nice collar.  It is a cotton blend that feels amazing and looks really classy.  The short sleeves are nicely done so that you never have to tug on them for the swing.  Another great design feature of this apparel is the ability to wear it off the course and still look stylish.  No one even thought I was wearing golf apparel, especially the pants, they look like dress pants.

Ted Baker Golf Apparel is based out of London so like many Euro-cut apparel I went a size up and I’m glad I did.  I went 36″ pants instead of 34″ and L polo instead of M.  It was perfect since they have a slimmer cut than many American companies; the fit was spot on for me going just a size up.  I think it just depends if you are used to Euro sizing or American sizing.  If you are looking for some great Ted Baker golf Apparel, check out Function18.  They have a great selection to add some Technology, Entertainment and Design to your golf wardrobe.  TED Talks Golf Apparel with Ted Baker.

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Quick Hits
+Awesome design features
+Super comfortable
+Choice of wild or subtle
+Great on course function
+Stylish for on or off the course.

–Euro Sizing