Review: Tee2Green Book Marker

Keeping Those Souvenir Ball Markers
Remember that trip you took 4 years ago to Pebble Beach or Bandon Dunes or St. Andrews?  You bought a ball marker at every course you played on that trip.  Do you know where they are now?  Maybe you have one special one you like to use, or you like to rotate some of those souvenir ones for your rounds, but those little buggers get lost so easily.  Tee2Green has created a book(similar to a coin book) to keep them from getting lost.
The book is about the size of an iPhone.  Inside it has one side that is magnetized and a snap closure to keep any ball markers from escaping.  On their website they offer 3 different colors and a couple different embossed options.  While they don’t have it right on their main page, I received a custom iGr embossed one, so I know they do custom stuff too, just ask.


Depending on the size of the ball markers, it should easily hold up to 20 different ones.  I actually didn’t have that many since I’ve lost a bunch over the years.  The book has just enough strength to hold most of them even when turned upside down, but you won’t need fingernails of steel to pry them off either, they pop right off when you grab one. 

It seems like it could be a nice accessory to keep in your bag with all your favorite markers in it, or at home so you can have the memories safe and secure on your desk.  You can just switch out the marker you want before your round.  Either place you keep it, the real benefit is “keeping” those little ball marker from getting lost.

Tee 2 Green Book Marker is a very inexpensive accessory that will keep your souvenir ball markers safe and sound.  The construction of the book isn’t high-end, it is a vinyl material and was stretched pretty tight on my book, even exposing a couple ends of the vinyl, but that doesn’t impede the function of Keeping those Souvenirs Ball Markers.

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Quick Hits
+Nice size for use in the golf bag
+Functions well keeping up to 20 ball markers
+Custom embossing available
+Reasonably priced

–Not a high-end product