Review: Tempercraft USA Bottles

An "I Won't Play Golf Without" Accessory
There are always a few things that make the “must have” list in order to play golf: clubs, balls, tees, bag, and shoes. Those are necessities, but there also is the list of “I won’t play golf without” accessories: hat, glove, sunglasses, rangefinder, and sunscreen. I need to add one more thing to that second list, a water bottle. Since moving to AZ, I won’t play golf without a water bottle, and my bottle of choice is Tempercraft USA. I can’t imagine playing a round of golf here, or anywhere without having at least one Tempercraft bottle in my bag. There is nothing better than fresh, ice cold water during a round of golf to stay hydrated.
Tempercraft has a number of dual walled, vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottle options.  The 4 that I got were the 22 oz sport bottle, the 32 oz sport bottle, the 64 oz growler bottle and the 20 oz tumbler.  I was able to get them custom ordered with the iGR logo engraved into them.  It is super cool to have the logo cut into the “paint” coating exposing the stainless steel underneath.  I love “representing” when I’m out on the course.  I get numerous inquires about them when I’m playing.   People are impressed by the style, looks and quality of these water bottles.  I’ve found them to be really durable as one went flying out of my golf cart around the corner.  The paint took a couple dings, but nothing serious.  They do however require hand washing.   It’s not a big deal, but they aren’t designed to go in the dishwasher.
My favorite Tempercraft bottle is the 32oz sport bottle.  The white look turned out amazing and the quantity of water it holds is just right; not too much, not too little.  During a normal round of golf in AZ 32 oz will last me the entire round and keep my hydrated properly.  The beauty of the Tempercraft water bottle is that at the end of my 4 hour round, the water is just as ice cold as when I started.  I’ve been playing when it is well over 100*.  Even when it was 115* this water bottle kept my water ice cold the whole round.  I just needed to refill it from the 64oz growler on that day.
The 64oz Tempercraft Growler is a really big water bottle that I don’t envision people using it to actually drink out of, but using it as a back-up supply of water.  When it gets really hot, like 115* hot, I went through the entire 64 oz growler during my round of golf.  You simply need to stay hydrated during a round of golf.  I could also see this being sharable with other golfers during more normal temperatures.  It’s big and heavy if full but really comes in handy when more water is needed.
The 22 oz Tempercraft Sport bottle is probably the most versatile bottle because of its size.  As much as I love the 32 oz bottle, I keep finding myself struggling with cup holders that it will fit in.  The 22oz bottle however fits in every cup holder I have in my car or in the golf carts.  It’s is taller, but because of the smaller circumference  it is incredibly handy for golf and every day usage.  It also fits in the water bottle holder pocket in my golf bag.  It isn’t really necessary to keep it chilled in that pocket since it does the work itself, but never the less it is nice to have my hands free from carrying a water bottle along with all my other golf gear.
The 20oz Tempercraft Tumbler has all the great features of the bottles above without a closable cap.  The clear lid will keep most of the water in if you tip the tumbler over, but the drinking hole will allow water to run out of the cup.  If I have a sturdy cup holder or don’t plan on throwing it around, the tumbler is another great option to pair with the growler.  There is no cap to deal with, it is easy to drink from since it feel more like drinking out of a cup than a water bottle.  It too is dual walled, vacuum sealed so that it can keep your water/beverage cold even if the temperatures soar.

Tempercraft water bottles are not going to make you play better golf nor are you going to win any tournaments because you are drinking from them, but they are a “I’m not playing golf without one” accessory.  Maybe in the northern states where golf is often played in cooler temperatures you could get by without one, but in AZ, I don’t go to the course without one or more of these water bottles.  Compared to drinking out of a paper tepee cup or buying bottled water at the course, these are worth every penny and necessary to survive the summer heat.  I won’t play golf without a Tempercraft water bottle.

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Quick Hits
+Keeps water cold
+Variety of sizes and colors
+Excellent for golf hydration
+Cool laser engraving
+Cheaper than buying bottled water

–Hand wash only