TGA Premier Junior Golf Clubs

By: Stephen Zinger

Based out of El Segundo, CA, TGA (Teach Grow Achieve) is an organization founded to introduce children to the game of golf and tennis.  Their programs are scattered across the United States in geographical chapters.  Through after-school programs, play days, camps, and leagues, TGA fosters development in these lifelong sports at a young age.  They utilize a platform that not only exposes these sports to kids, but they’re also teaching life lessons and concepts that the games inspire: respect, honesty, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

Many of the major golf equipment manufacturers are just starting to realize they need to invest more into junior golf.  Children today are the future of our sport, and need access to equipment and instruction.  Since 2003, TGA has been providing this exposure.  To complement their programs, TGA recently introduced their own line of golf equipment for juniors.

TGA has launched, TGA Premier Junior Golf Clubs.  The line features five different sizes of clubs designed to fit all juniors perfectly.  The shaft flex and weight are engineered correspondingly for each age group and height specifications.  The clubs are packaged in complete sets and include a golf bag.  The clubs are color-coded based on gender and height.  Sets range in price from $89-$149.

TGA partnered with industry veteran, Ross Kvinge of Plus One Sports, who previously worked with Nicklaus Golf.  TGA’s equipment is designed to make the game easier for junior golfers.  The driver heads are among the largest junior heads on the market and feature a lightweight forged design.  The TGA irons were designed with distributed weight from the hosel along the top-line of the club which TGA explains, “creating a well positioned sweet spot in the center of the center of the clubface creating easier, and more consistent shots.”

Independent Golf Reviews had the opportunity to test a set of [purple coded] TGA Clubs to Kenzie, a six year old, and [black coded] a set to Jessa, a seven year old, both from Minnesota.  Kenzie is a beginning player, who used TGA Clubs to hit her first golf shot.  Jessa is an experienced junior who has been playing for about three years.  TGA Clubs were appropriate for both levels of experience and enhanced their enjoyment of the game as the clubs were easy to hit, especially the driver.  With juniors, easy to hit, and forgiving are two essentials to peak as well as retain their interest.

5 iGR Tips in Exposing Juniors to the Golf:
-Initially, focus on fun rather than perfect
-A baseball or ten finger grip is easier
-Start at a range and alternate shots with them so they can see you swing
-Teeing up all clubs will make it easier and more enjoyable
-Seek out programs like TGA that teach the basics and fundamentals in cost effective camps or group instruction.