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Timepieces and Golf Just Go Together


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Spyzinger started his watch collection with a Thacker Merali The Original Watch.  As long as he can remember timepieces and golf have been woven together.  Think of the large clock towers you see near the putting green.  Think of some of the iconic photos of professional golfers; they most likely have a watch on.  This review will show some love for a high-end collector’s watch.

This is Spyzinger’s definitive review of the Thacker Merali The Original Watch for 2024.


Golf and Watches?

 For as far back as I can remember, timepieces have been an understated part of golf. Greg Norman won The Open Championship with one on his wrist. So did Phil Mickelson. Bubba Watson won a green jacket wearing one, too. The list goes on. If players aren’t wearing one while they’re playing, you can bet they’re taking one out of their valuables pouch and putting it on their wrist before raising the trophy. Jack Nicklaus even sold his lone watch at auction to raise money for his children’s hospital. Arguably, the most valuable watch in sports history sold for $1.22 million. Sponsorships, partnerships, ambassadorships, whatever “ship” you’re a part of, watches have been in the game. Their tradition, heritage, and luxury have made this marriage seamless. They just go together, always have.  Thacker Merali The Original Watch looks great on a golfer’s wrist.


I follow a guy on Instagram who I believe is a brilliant content creator and photographer, @thedansome. Dan Mann is both a golf and watch guy. He brings both of them together with a sense of humor that is unique and fresh. I learned about this Canadian micro brand, Thacker Merali in one of his posts and I was intrigued. Two guys that concluded their MBA programs and decided to start a…watch company? If an MBA wasn’t enough, they were blessed with last names that already sound like heritage, luxury, and tradition. Without even selecting a technical movement, they were already set up for success with their names alone. Funded through kickstarter at about a 40% discount, Thacker Merali was founded about five years ago and launched as a brand in 2021. They introduced their first and only offering to date, The Original.

The Original

The Original boasts a 44mm diameter brushed stainless steel case and is 13.35mm thick. It is designed with a double domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. Inside, the watch contains a Selita SW 220 Swiss automatic movement, and 100m of water resistance. The movement is visible in the case back exhibition window. The dial is built with Swiss Super- LumiNova luminescence. The Original is rounded out with a stainless steel bracelet.

Golf Style

The Original has a design that is sophisticated yet simple. I chose the rich blue dial that is accented with a red 12 and white 6 as the only numerals. The dial has 12 polished metal hour markers and 60 smaller white second markers. The hour and minute arms are also polished metal with luminescence. The second hand is half silver and half red which gives it a vary readable highlight. The branding, Thacker Merali is very understated while being a powerful watch name even in its infancy as a company. Finally, the dial features a very clear day/date complication at the 3 hour with options for the day being in English or French.

The engine of the watch is an automatic movement from Sellita. Sellita is a Swiss movement manufacture founded in 1950, and produces movements that can be found in the likes of luxury brands such as Tudor, Tag Heuer, and Hublot. The case back puts the Sellita movement on display with the exhibition window. To this day, I always find them fascinating to look at.


The Original comes in four classic dial colors, black, blue, white, and silver. Thacker and Merali utilized quick release mechanism in their stainless steel bracelet as well as soft aftermarket options sold on their website. This makes changing out bands very easy and can be done in seconds with a push of your thumb.


 The Original from Thacker Merali retails for about $599 (USD). Although The Original is below or at a bargain price for an entry level luxury price point, the quality and construction of this timepiece can compete with watches three times its price point. There is a lot of value packed into this watch; the consumer really does get a lot for the money in this offering from Thacker Merali. This sports watch is an exceptional choice to put on after a round for dinner in the clubhouse. With the versatility of the quick release bands, there is a significant amount of depth to this piece. With the beautiful dial, quality construction, and powerful name, I have gotten a considerable amount of enjoyment in wearing this piece and will for years to come.

Look for a second release soon, but the details are still top secret!

Check out their website for more information:

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