Review: The Can't Miss - Putter Training-aid

Living up to its name!!
It would be nice to never miss a putt, but the reality is, that will never happen.   But we can get better at putting and miss less often.  It takes practice, practice, practice.  Unfortunately practicing a poor stroke can actually harm you as much as it can help.  Practice is going to be most effective if you have proper technique in order to ingrain proper muscle memory.
The Can’t Miss is a putter training aid designed to teach your muscles a pure stroke.  It is a gyroscope contraption that is fastened to your putter.  You then attach a little motor to get the precision discs of the gyroscope spinning and you can start practicing putting. 

It helps in a couple of different ways.  First is that “the Can’t Miss” is heavy so it helps smooth out the stroke and create a better pendulum stroke.  Next is the gyroscope forces you to make a pure putting stroke.  It allows you to relax your arms and hands and just stroke the ball.

While initially it looks complicated and complex, it really is a very simple device that uses gyroscope physics to teach your muscles a pure stroke.  I have a strong arc and it worked very well at keeping my stroke in good form.  A good pendulum motion is encouraged and naturally will have some arch.  If you are a strong straight back-straight through this will encourage a little more natural stroke and some arch.

On my first practice session I found a little difficulty attaching the device to my putter.  I had 2 issues.  The first was that because of the metal v slot with metal thumb screws I couldn’t attach The Can’t Miss to my graphite shafted putter.  Secondly, on my regular steel shafted putters, I struggled a bit making sure it was attached square to the face.  After trying a number of different ideas I found using a table or the flor to set the Can’t Miss on and being able to square up the putter head to that surface was much easier.

Over the last 2 months I was able to use one set of AA batteries that still haven’t run out of charge.  It doesn’t seem to draw too much power to get the silent gyroscope running.  It seemed to last a solid 5-8 minutes, after that the RPMs were just not enough to feel it working.

After a couple months of practice I found that my stroke became very smooth and very confident.  I still had some issues reading the greens, but I think only a couple times did I miss my line or make a poor stroke in about 8 rounds.  I really like how it has trained my muscles to make a pure stroke.  Your tempo and stroke will be much better.

So can you miss?  Sure you can always miss a putt, but after training with “The Can’t Miss” it won’t be the strokes fault.  This training aid teaches you a pure stroke and with a little practice creates excellent muscle memory.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Proper muscle memory
+Easy to practice with
+Improves putting stroke and results

–A tad on the expensive side
–A little clumsy