Review: The Leadbetter Glove

A training aid that you can actually play with.
There are a bazillion training aids on the market right now, all promising to help your game.  There are some really good ones out there, but none of them (that I can think of) are USGA conforming; which means you can’t actually play a round of golf with them.  So what happens is this, you take your training aid to the range; practice, practice, practice and things go really well.  Until you go the course to play and everything falls apart.  Not with the Leadbetter Glove.  It is USGA conforming which means you can use it for every practice session and every round of golf.

Every golf instructor will say that to have a good golf swing, you need to start with a good grip.  David Leadbetter is considered to be one of the best golf instructors in the world, so his stamp of approval on this glove is pretty significant.  Here are some of the basics of The Leadbetter Glove.  It has has sewn in patches that help in 4 areas of your grip.
1.       The Palm Alignment – Shows you where to put the club in your palm.

2.       The Life Line Indicator – Shows you where to line up the non-gloved hand for an overlapping grip

3.       The Knuckle Indicator – How many knuckles do you see?  One for neutral, two for strong

4.       V Patch Indicator – Your Thumb and index finger create a “V” that should point to your right shoulder.

Now that you understand the premise behind the glove, I’ll share with you my on course experience.  Initially I took it to the range and really concentrated on my grip.  I found a minor little tweak to my grip after looking at the glove made a noticeable and beneficial difference.  Off to the first tee I went and sure enough striped it.  I was playing some of my best golf for the first few holes, then I hit one bad shot and looked down at the glove and sure enough, my grip had gone south.  Unfortunately, the next few holes were even worse, since all I could think about was my grip.  I kept looking at the glove, and concentrating so hard on a proper grip that I forgot to swing the club.  It kind of messed with my head for a few holes.  By the time I reached the back 9 I started forgetting about the grip/glove and started swinging the club again. By the end of the round I was really striking it well.  As I put this in play for another 7 rounds I found that if I just used it a couple random times throughout the round and warming up, I got the most benefit.  If I stared at it and concentrated too much on the grip, my swing fell apart.  I played a couple rounds in the middle of that time frame without the Leadbetter Glove.  While my grip was pretty ingrained into my head, there were a couple of times during the round I wish I would have had it on, but I did mentally visualize the patches and got things back in order.

Besides all the training aid stuff to this glove, it is as comfortable and durable as any glove you can find.  I’ve played 8 rounds in mine and there is no more wear than a normal glove.  After a while you will forget you have it on, it feels and functions just like any other glove.  The added benefit of this training aid is that if you forget you have it on or it is left in your bag you don’t have to worry about some USGA infraction.

It can’t fix every swing flaw you might have, but it can set you up with the proper grip to offer a chance at making a good swing.  I see no reason you can’t use it every round. I know why David Leadbetter put his name on this glove, it is a great idea; finally a training aid that you can use for play.

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Quick Hits
+Easy to Understand
+USGA conforming for course play
+Durable and comfortable
+Great price

–Don’t let it mess with your head