REVIEW: The Putting Stick

by: T_Fity
Putt With A Purpose

Golf is unique for many of reasons, one of which is putting. The number of training aids to assist you in putting are countless, but it all depends on what it is training you for.  As a coach and club fitter, The Putting Stick may be the most complete training aid I’ve ever come across to help you putt better. The most common fault in putting is not keeping the putter moving past the point of contact with enough momentum and square to the target (aka Decelerate). The Putting Stick aims to correct this motion by teaching you how to keep the putter moving thru impact and the putter face square to the target. Putt with a purpose is the best way to get better and the Putting Stick does this well.

The Putting Stick is much like a yardstick made from plastic with alignment lines.  There is a mirror placed in the Pro-Version Putting Stick to allow eye alignment over the ball and a tapered end to allow the ball a smooth roll off the stick.  The Putting Stick works anywhere.  Even if it is raining out,you can use it indoors. 
There is a small depression for the ball to sit neatly on top of the Putting Stick without falling off and a bump stop to make sure you are only taking the putter back a short distance before putting down the target line with momentum.
The goal of practicing with The Putting Stick is to take the putter back a short distance and accelerate thru the hitting zone, keeping the ball from rolling off the sides of the stick. It works from many distances and a friendly contest is always an easy way to better putting.

The fastest way to lower your scores is to putt better.  The only way to really get better at putting is to practice putting.  The Putting Stick will help you practice putting with a purpose.  It helps with alignment, tempo and speed so that you can dial in your putting stroke.  Putt with a purpose and lower your scores.

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Quick Hits
+Easy to use
+Fits in a golf bag
+Works on many facets of putting
+Putt with a purpose