REVIEW: The Range Gripper

Turning A Cart Cupholder Into Two Secure Slots
If you play golf riding in a power cart, you know that the cupholder and accessory holders aren’t necessarily the most useful. Usually you get 2 cupholder per golfer. If you put a drink in one, then you are left with the other to hold an accessory. It sure would be nice if there was a way to get some more holders for golf accessories. That is exactly what Range Gripper does. It is a silicone formed rangefinder and phone holder that fits into a cart cupholder. Now you can have your drink, your phone and rangefinder handy all in the console of the cart. Not only are they handy, but they are securely held in place so that even the sharpest turn won’t cause them to fly out.
Since moving to AZ, I ride 95% of my rounds.  Courses are designed to be played with a power cart and the heat dictates that a large portion of year it is the only way to survive 18 holes.  While there are only a handful of power carts brands, they all seem to have a similar problem; not enough cupholder space for drinks and accessories.  This is the problem that the brains behind the Range Gripper found when playing too, so they created a secondary cupholder that will fit into any normal cupholder on a cart.
The Range Gripper comes in a rainbow of colors and can be customized if you order 24 or more.  It is a pretty simple silicone molded design.  A “cup” like bottom that will fit securely into the smaller cupholder.  On the top it is a large rectangle slot that will hold most rangefinders and a wide narrow slot to hold a cell-phone.  It too will hold most phones, even with a case on them.  If you have a large Otterbox type case, it might not fit well. 

The Range Gripper does what is says, it securely and safely holds your phone and rangefinder while you are playing golf, yet still leaves the other cupholder free for drinks.  It is a simple product and works well.  It isn’t one of those can’t play golf without sort of accessories, but it is helpful and functional.  The $30 price tag isn’t going to break the bank, so if you play golf mostly on a power cart, this might be a nice accessory addition that turns a cart cupholder into two secure slots for your rangefinder and your phone.

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