REVIEW: The Swing Plate

by: T_Fity
Practice Better. 
Swing Better.
Score Better!

A golf swing can take many forms, but one thing about all golf swings is the need for practice to be as consistent as possible. A more consistent swing also means more consistently lower scores.   Better practice means better swings means better scores; it is a pretty simple golf equation. The Swing Plate is a swing training tool that can make swing practice more productive in a multitude of methods. Whether you are an expert golfer or a casual player, The Swing Plate is incredibly easy to use and I had a chance to test it out. 
Super Easy Set Up
The Swing Plate is a snap to set up. Open the box, insert alignment sticks, adjust the angle holder for the drill you are using and go. The Swing Plate does come with a lug wrench that will allow you to make the adjustments on the angled arm. It is worth noting that you will have to purchase alignment sticks separately from The Swing Plate. Where I live in the cold and snowy north, every hardware and home construction store has them known as snow sticks. 

Drills Galore
One of the hardest parts of a golf swing to change is the path of the golf club thru the hitting zone. A majority of the swing path comes from how a golfer turns the body, but the arms play a key role as well. The Swing Plate allows you to practice both the arms and body turn with all the different types of drills. Every golf swing is a bit different, so practice drills need to meet that individuality. One of the reasons I really like The Swing Plate is that there are so many different types of drills that can be done. If you are looking for help in your takeaway, downswing, follow-thru or hips sliding, The Swing Plate has you covered. 

The first drill that I used The Swing Plate for was chipping. It was a great warmup to the full swing drills I used later. If you haven’t used alignment sticks during full swing drills before, I would suggest using The Swing Plate on quarter or half swings to get yourself some experience with them. Another great feature of The Swing Plate is you don’t need to hit a golf ball to practice the swing. If you have the room to swing a club, drills can be done inside or outdoors, with or without hitting a golf ball.  

Durable and Affordable
For any product to compete in the golf training aid market, it needs to withstand use and be at a price worth investing. The Swing Plate hits both of those marks. It is made out of heavy duty metal that won’t be easy to break or wear out. It might not be something you want to put in your golf bag if you like to walk and carry when you play, but it does have a small footprint compared to a lot of other swing path training aids. The Swing Plate comes with a bag and a wrench for adjustments at a nice price of around $95 with shipping from the UK. 

If you want to swing better, you need to practice better.  The Swing Plate is a simple training aid that will help you do that.  Coincidentally,  I just had a conversation the other day with a double digit handicap golfer that wants to become a single digit handicap golfer.  He has all the tools, he just needs to swing more consistent.  The Swing Plate is a great tool to help practice better in order to swing better, so that you can score better.

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Quick Hits:
+Simple set up and take down 
+Easy to use
+Lots of drills
+Quality construction