Review: TIBA Putt Training Aid

K.I.S.S it in the Hole
You’ve probably heard the acronym, Keep It Simple Stupid or KISS.  That is a great moto to live by and especially to play golf by.  Keep things simple and the results will often be better.  If you have too many thoughts in your head or too many worries on each swing, it often leads to failure.  TIBA Putt Training aid is simple and effective for practicing getting the ball in the hole.
TIBA Putt Training aid is basically two pieces of molded plastic that you stick into the green with a couple tee and putt your putter in between them.  At 5″ long they allow you to use any putting stroke; straight-back-straight-through, mild arch or strong arch.  Just drop the ball in the middle and putt away.  If your putter head is moving all over the place you will bump into the TIBA.  It is similar to putting between 2 tees, but more effective in practicing keeping the putter head square for a longer distance.
As I was nearing the end of my 2014 season I realized that my putting had slipped just a little throughout the year.  It wasn’t bad, but not as good as it should be with the increased fairways and greens I was hitting.  The TIBA arrived just in time to get a few practice session in with it before the courses closed and just long enough to shoot my career best score.  My putting had gotten a little sloppy especially at impact.  I was moving the putter head around instead of a smooth consistent stroke.  The TIBA helped square things up quickly.  I paired it with the Train Your Aim Putter Training Aid and just like that I aimed better and hit the putts more square.

Let’s be honest, any time spend practicing putting is beneficial, but adding a simple training aid like the TIBA makes it even more effective.  While the snow has fallen in MN and my TIBA will not get much use until the snow melts (or I head south) because there is no way to secure the guides to my indoor putting green.  It really is the only drawback of this simple and affordable putting training aid.  K.I.S.S. and get a TIBA Putt Training Aid to get more putts in the hole.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Simple to set up
+Effective training to putt square
+Works with any putting stroke
+Practice makes more putts

-Only works outdoors