REVIEW: Tifosi Optics Track Sunglasses

Sometimes Golf Specific Lenses Aren't Enough in AZ
Tifosi Optics and other sunglasses companies make golf specific lenses.  I’m all in favor of those lenses and have come to appreciate what they offer to my game and my sight.  Unfortunately some of those lenses just don’t block out enough light in the bright AZ desert.  The Track frames area  new style of golf sunglasses from Tifosi that have darker lenses in them which are perfect for the intense AZ sun.
Tifosi Optics makes very stylish sunglasses that won’t break the bank, but yet offer plenty of options and technology.  Their multiple lenses allow you to dial in your exact needs.  My recent review of their Enliven lenses was specifically designed for golf.  I really enjoyed those sunglasses, but as mentioned above, sometimes, I could use something even darker when the sunlight gets intense. The new Tifosi Optics Track frame style is an aggressive athletic frame that comes in multiple colors and with dark smoke lenses.  I wanted something a little different so I went with the white frames with the dark smoke blue mirrored lenses.  I like the bold look and dark lenses when the AZ sun is bright.
The Tifosi Optics Track sunglasses will work well for golf at a great price.  While they don’t have the contrast properties of rose or Enliven lenses, they are still very crisp and clear.  I really liked them during mid-day rounds.  I found that when I wore them near twilight they were really dark, almost too dark.  The frames have a nice fit to them with just enough tension to keep them on the face, even when sweaty or active.  I could swing for the fences and the sunglasses didn’t move.  They gripped my temple nicely with undue pressure.  The nose piece rides well on the bridge of my nose with a slight amount of pressure so that they don’t come loose.  The frames and lenses are said to be virtually unbreakable.  While I’m not going to see if I can, they did survive numerous tosses and being in the golf bag pocket without a hard case.

Tifosi Optics Track Sunglasses are a nice alternative to golf specific lenses when you need something just a little darker.  They still work well on the course and offer great protection from the sun.  You’ll need to keep an eye on how dark it is getting near twilight, but for intense sun these are great.  I don’t know if white sunglasses are like white belts, but if I’m wearing white shoes, white shirt and a white hat, I think these look really good.  You won’t find too many sunglasses this nice for such a reasonable price.

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Quick Hits:
+Stylish frames
+Dark lenses
+Great eye protection
+Reasonably priced