Review: Tifosi Slope Sunglasses

Surprised by interchangeable sunglasses
I wear sunglasses for 90% of my rounds.  I have contacts and even if it is a little on the dusky side, I still like to have them on for wind and dust protection.  For the last few years I’ve used the same pair of sunglasses.  It was just something I didn’t think about much. Until I saw the Slope sunglasses by Tifosi.  They had a very modern style and offered a nice color selection of frames.  I picked the white frames with the 3 interchangeable lenses. 
 The first lens, which came in the glasses, is your standard smoke color lens.  It offers great contrast and clarity as well as very adequate sun protection.  I used them on some of the brightest sunniest days of the year here in MN and they were dark enough so my eyes were not squinty but bright enough to see the ball and course well.

 After a quick easy change I popped out the smoke lenses and put in the EC (Extreme Contrast) purple lenses.  They have kind of a mirror like finish on the outside.  They only offer minimal sun dimming, but what they do so well is to make the colors come alive and white now really pops.  This is perfect for any day that is just slightly darker.  I wore them in full sunlight and they were just fine, and on a slightly hazy day they were perfect.  There was no wash out anymore, but just bright crisp colors.  I was surprised when I took them off how everything had what looked like a green hue, but it really was just normal colors.

 The final lenses are AC red.  These lenses are best suited for early morning, twilight and over cast days.  I used them on a few rounds when there was little to no sun and they made things come alive like it was sunny out.  I was shocked at how bright they made everything look.  I could really see the ball and the course, even though there was little sunlight.

 It would say these fit a medium face very well.  They are not huge, nor are they small.  I would say average is the best way to describe them.  The nosepiece is adjustable so just flex it a little here, a little there, and you should be able to get a very comfortable fit.  They are not the lightest glasses I’ve ever put on so after 4+ hours with them on I did notice some slight pressure on my nose.  I’m guessing most glasses in this style would do that.  The ear pieces are very nice too, they don’t cut in behind the ears or into the side of my head, and they just have enough flex with little grippers on the insides to make them fit comfortably on your head.

 I never expected to enjoy the interchangeable lenses so much.  I didn’t know what I was missing with my one-style lenses of the past.  The Tifosi Slope sunglasses have definitely won a spot in my golf game.  I’m not sure if they helped, but they did make things more enjoyable being able to see clearly and wear sunglass no matter the light conditions.

 They are complimented with a nice large case that holds the 2 spare sets of lenses; a carry/cleaning bag is also included.  The hard zipper case looks to be very solid and protect the glasses from drops.  I don’t know how much force it would take to crush these, but I’d rather not test it to find out. 

 All of this comes at a reasonable price.  They are no gas station glasses, but they also don’t cost as much as that new driver, closer to a dozen balls.  The only lenses I hope to add at some point in time are some polarized lenses.  I just love the way they make the blues pop, yet remain dark tinted.  I think I saw that they are available to order separate off Tifosi’s website.

 Tifosi is becoming a very popular brand in sunglasses and I can see why.  You get a great quality frame, crisp optics all at a respectable price.  If you are looking for your next pair of sunglasses, look at changing things up with the interchangeable lenses of the Tifosi Slope Sunglasses.

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 Quick Hits
+interchangeable lenses
+excellent optics
+reasonably priced

  –a little heavy on the nose.