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Review: Titleist 910 D3 Driver

The best adjustable hosel on the market
   While Titleist is not always the first to jump into a new technology, when they do, they are usually the best at it.  They were not the first to do a 460cc head, but when they did, it turned out really well.  They weren’t the first to make an adjustable hosel, but when they did this year, they designed the best.  What makes theirs the best is the 16 different options because of the independently adjustable parts.  The SureFit Tour hosel is a 4-lettered piece and a 4-numbered piece and you can vary that combination to adjust loft/face angle and the lie angle.  They have this really easy to follow chart/matrix that makes it easy to set up exactly how you want it.

 Beside the excellent adjustable hosel, there are a number of other features that make this a great driver.  The all black head is beautiful to look at.  The D2 model is the full 460cc and is a little more forgiving, while the D3 model is a little more compact, 445cc with a slightly taller face offering a more workable head.  The D3 is really the combination of both worlds, if you want to work it, the ability is there to control shots, but if you want to just hit straight you can do that too.  I would definitely keep this in the hands of better players; for maximum forgiveness the D2 is better suited. 

The next great feature of this club is the multiple shafts offered stock at no up charge, and the fact that you can find many of them at your local golf store.  So often companies offer multiple shaft options, but they tend to be special order.  Not with Titleist this year, you will find 3, 4 or more shafts in the drivers on the rack.  I think this is great for a driver that is designed to be adjustable in order to fit more people, more shafts offerings just make sense.  With that said, it is still frustrating that the Sure-Fit tips are not available to the public or even authorized clubmakers.  There are some shafts on the market that Titleist does not carry and it sure would be nice to try them out in this driver.

  I decided that my past experience with the Project X graphite shaft was so positive I would try it again in the 910 D3 driver.  I was really happy with this combo.  I messed around with the settings just to see how well they worked and found them to change the ball flight considerably.  After considerable practice I settled on D3.  I have not changed it since, because I hit a nice mid/high trajectory with the 9.5* head.  It flattens out mid flight and hits the ground running.  It seems to have low spin and great distance.

 As always Titleist offers a driver with their great muted solid thwack.  It feels hot but doesn’t pierce the eardrums.  Titleist fans will enjoy the similar sound and feel like previous models.  I’ve played with a number of other golfers who just love this club too.  I’ve yet to find anyone that didn’t like this club.  Everyone I’ve talk to is getting great results.

Sure Titleist wasn’t the first with adjustable technology, but when they do something they do it the best.  Now if only we can convince them to sell us the Sure Fit tips, I would buy some.  Not that this combo wasn’t great, but I love to test different shafts and this head is so good, it would make for some other great combos.

I have a feeling that my 2011 driver rotation will include the 910 D3 often.  My many rounds with it so far have been very good.  Titleist does it again and offers one of the best drivers on the market.

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Quick Hits
  +Independent hosel adjustments
  +Excellent stock options
  +Traditional sound and looks
  +Long and low spin

 –Can’t buy SureFit tour tips

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