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Review: Titleist 913 D3 Driver

Tweaked for a better fit
The Titleist 910 driver was a big jump for Titliest into the adjustable driver market.  It was an awesome driver that found its way into many good players bags.  It was pure Titleist, great sounds, solid feel, and excellent distance.  The only issue that anyone might have had with it was that it wasn’t the most forgiving driver.

The Titleist 913 is a tweaked version of the 910.  The biggest change is going to be the increased forgiviness which means overall more distance.  It comes in the same D2 and D3 versions.  It is all black again with a similar Sure-fit adjustable hosel. The stock shafts are tweaked too.
Instead of just guessing which loft and version of the Titleist 913 Driver I should use, I worked with Monte French (local MN Titleist Fitter) at the range for about 1/2 hour just hitting driver.  The ForeSight Launch monitor kept spitting out numbers saying that I am a high spin golfer.  We changed shafts a few times, changed heads a few times until we got the best launch parameters possible for my cold weather swing.  Titleist 913 D3 8.5* Diamana S+ x-flex at 45″.  It was not at all what I expected, but I wasn’t too far off, my guessed specs came in a close second in terms of ideal numbers, but spin was just a touch lower with this combo.

The custom built driver came in from Titleist just in time this fall to get in 10 really good rounds.  I squeezed in a few more than normal because the weather was so nice.  I also enjoyed keeping it in the bag all fall since I was hitting it so well and shooting consistently low scores.  Getting fit really does benefit the bottom line when it comes to scoring.  I can’t say that any one statistic stood out, other than just the repeated good scores. 

The information from the fitting that stood out was my need to cut spin.  The specs on this driver were set up for me to keep spin rates low.  These lower spin rates translated in narrower dispersion.  While I still didn’t hit every fairway, my misses weren’t as wide.

I was somewhat surprised that I ended up finding the best fit in an 8.5* loft and an x-stiff shaft.  But the numbers simply didn’t lie. I tried a couple of different heads and shafts and this gave me the best overall numbers. Only the launch angle was slightly on the low side, with the other numbers being perfect.  Even though it was a cold day for my fitting, I felt that in warmer weather with looser muscles this would still be a good fit (which it was), since these specs are on the border of “too much” club for me.  The Sure-Fit adjustability of the Titleist 913 is the same as the previous version.  This allows for those swing variations too.  I did go up slightly in loft and that brought it up slightly, yet kept the spin numbers low.

The Diamana S+ even in an x-flex felt really good.  The feel that Diamana shafts are known for is found in the newest version.  The matte blue finish looks great, harking back to the original Diamana matte blue shaft. I like that all the shaft choices are the real deals and not “made for” shafts.  I think a premium club deserves a solid shaft, not some water down version of the original.

While this club does have a changeable weight on the back part of the sole, we didn’t mess with that.  I assume a weight kit can be purchased or a Titleist dealer can change that out to adjust swingweight as well as minor performance changes.

Titleist continues in their tradition of making a solid, great performing driver.  You will be hard pressed to find a better sounding club.  It looks great in the all black look accented by the white and red paint.  I also liked that the alignment aid which is now a decal instead of the raised 3d alignment aid of the past.  While you may not pick up chunks of yards with this driver, if you get fit, you can lower your scores by better dispersion, more forgiveness, and excellent distance.  Titleist hit it on the head with these tweaks for a better fitting driver.

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Quick Hits
+Classic Titleist sound
+Sleek all black look
+Added forgiveness
+More fitting options

–Still no Sure-Fit tips available aftermarket.

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