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Review: Titleist AP2 712 Irons

AP = Absolutely Perfect
One of my first iron reviews 3 years ago was the original Titleist AP2 irons.  Since those were only a loaner set for review, I haven’t played Titleist AP2s since then.  But ever since that first review, I have always raved about how good they were, and recommending them many times to friends and fellow golfers.  They were just so easy to hit and so forgiving with a decent forged feel, I haven’t really found anything better than the original AP2s, until now.  The AP2 712 irons are similar in many ways, yet there are some new improvements making them Absolutely Perfect.
Before I ordered these irons, I met with the local Titleist rep to make sure I got the best fit.  While I am close to an off the rack guy, we did notice that 1* flat and 1* strong was the best fit for my swing.  I tried every steel shaft, both stock and upgrades, and settled on stiff flex KBS tour shafts because they gave me the best numbers along with the best feel.  He used a Foresight LM to do the testing outdoors at a local range.  It probably took 45 minutes, but was definitely worth the time to get fit.

 The feature that I enjoy most about the AP2 series of irons is their forgiveness.  They just want to go straight for me.  I’ve found that I’ve had the most consistent iron game with the AP2s in the bag.  That is not to say you can’t hit a stray ball or that you can’t work them, they are very playable/workable for the skilled golfer.

The biggest improvement I thought from the original AP2s and the 712 AP2s is the feel.  The 712 AP2s feel much more solid.  The originals had a slight hollow feeling in my opinion, while the new ones feel like there is meat right behind the ball when you strike it.  Although looking at the cavity, it might seem that is where some of the metal is cut out, it certainly improves the feel.  I think the newly designed elastomer insert dampens vibration just the right amount, yet allows for solid feel.

Another improvement is the placement of tungsten.  Before it was across the entire sole, now it is placed at the corners of the sole for a higher M.O.I.  For me it made them just a touch lower launching too.  While these still launch on the higher side for me, the new trajectory is a little stronger and a little more consistent.

They are still a players iron with ample forgiveness.  I found I could control my shots very well with these irons.  If I really needed to change from a straight, high shot; I could do that.  I was able hit baby cuts and baby fades into tucked pins, I was also able to lower the trajectory slightly by delofting them all in a controlled manner.

The sole interaction with the turf was perfect for my needs.  I can get steep and dig, but the wider soles in the long irons glided through the turf, while the short irons still allowed me to attack the ball hard, without digging a hole.  The blunted leading edge along with relief on the trailing edge helped me make solid contact with the ball shot after shot.  They were great off tight fairways, yet cut nicely through the rough popping the ball up quickly thus losing very little distance.

When it comes to looks, Titleist tends to be as classy and traditional as it gets.  While I wasn’t in love with the looks of the original AP2s, the new 712 AP2 irons look really sharp to me.  I think the contrast between the chrome and satin forged metals, along with the black elastomer inserts looks really nice in my bag.  The top line looks just wide enough to inspire confidence, but thin enough to not look bulky.  The offset is minimal and the overall squarer headshape is really pleasing to the eye.

The Titleist AP2 712 irons have sent the standard by which all other irons will be judged, I don’t know if any other iron set will be able to knock these out of the bag, they really are absolutely perfect for me.

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Quick Hits
+Forgiving-high and straight
+Players irons-mimial offset and thin top line
+Excellent solid feel-forged
+Nice looking-chrome, satin and black elastomer

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