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REVIEW: Titleist EXP-01

Buying Into The Testing Process
The Titleist EXP-01 is an experimental golf ball direct from the Titleist R&D lab. What makes this whole project unique to begin with is the idea that golfers have a chance to be involved much like the top players in the world are when testing new products. For years we all saw the social media posts of someone getting a white sleeve of 3 Titleist golf balls that said TEST on them. Even though I only managed to get these golf balls one time in my many years of playing Titleist equipment, it was a rush to say the least when I got to be a part of this research.  This year Titleist allowed the consumer to buy into the testing process by selling dozens of the EXP-01 ball at retailers nationwide.
You’ve heard me say before there are two kinds of golf balls, one that does everything great and the others that do some things well. In the case of Titleist, we used to have two choices as well, the PROV1/1x and the rest of the golf balls they make. It should come as no surprise the industry leader in golf ball sales and usage keeps looking for ways to improve the stronghold they have on this category of the golfing market. A few years ago the AVX was introduced as a premium performance golf ball for golfers who prioritize distance and extremely soft feel. Similar to Cut Golf balls, read our review here. This ball wasn’t trying to replace anything, rather it was giving us consumers more options. Fast forward to fall of 2019. Titleist released the EXP-01 ball into retail sales without much fanfare leading up to the release date, but more of a research project. I took a deeper dive into new ball to see if I could make heads or tails of the limited details and benefits that might give me a chance to shoot lower scores.

Inside the box of a dz. Titleist EXP-01 golf balls you purchase is a postcard like invitation with a weblink to share your thoughts and opinions. I have already completed the survey with my thoughts, which are now translating into this review.

Below are the Launch Monitor charts I put together during some indoor testing at 2nd Swing Golf Store.  The Titleist EXP-01 is a Urethane covered golf ball, but from all my testing seems to be a 1/2 tier lower than the ProV1 line.  It reminds me of an NXT Tour with a urethane cover.  The numbers are just a little less than a ProV1, but some of those numbers might really benefit higher spin golfers.  I’m only speculating, but I’m also guessing these will be sold at a lower price point.  On the course, I found similar results, but probably less obvious in actual play.  I didn’t feel much loss of distance, nor did it hurt my scoring.  They actually felt a little softer too, so I really enjoyed them on the greens.

The old 3 pack white sleeve that Titleist used to send out probably won’t come back.  They accomplished the same things, but allowed the consumer to buy into the testing a dozen at a time.  This is simply genius on their part.  I think the consumer enjoyed it more too since 3 balls might not even make a full round for the average golfer.  The numbers tell me this ball isn’t a ProV1 replacement, but a quality next tier ball.   I’ve still seen a few dozen of these around various retailers so if you want to get in on your own testing, pick up a dozen and let Titleist know what you think.

Buying Into The Testing Process

Since I was on the launch monitor getting numbers, I threw a few -ProV1x balls down for testing too.  Titleist offered up more information on these golf balls as part of the release.  I found the numbers fascinating since it is supposed to be a lower spin and firmer ball than a normal ProV1x, but that only happened for me in the driver.  Some of this might be due to the fact that I don’t have tour swing speed to maximize the lower spin in all clubs.  This ball is certainly like any other ProV1, but has some unique features that will only fit a select few golfers.  I applaud Titleist for at least offering it to us, the regular golfer, for play. 

Titleist has allowed the consumer to buy into the testing process as well into the tour van to get some of the unique ball creations they have made for the pros as well as the consumer.  You might just want to give them a try and see how they fit your game.  I gave you some insight into how they fit my game, which could just be exactly what you are looking for.  There isn’t a “one ball fits all” so test a few out and see if one of the experimental and tour balls might be the best you’ve ever played.

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