Titleist T100S Irons Review

Raising the Bar and Setting The New Standard for Irons

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Ryan Heiman
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This is my official review of the Titleist T100S Irons.

I’ve been using this new set of irons for over 5 rounds now and my iron play has never been better.

These are my overall thoughts on the experience and performance of the T100•S Irons.

Titleist T100S Irons – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Titleist raised the bar again and set the standard for irons. The T100•S are tour irons with distance.

  • ✅  Pros Distance, Dispersion, Forged feel, Forgiveness,Tour Looks and Low score.

  • ⛔  Cons

  • ⛳  Verdict The Titleist T100S irons are the new standard in performance for me. They offer the best of all worlds, accuracy, distance, soft feel, outstanding looks and forgiveness.

Titleist set the bar for irons almost 13 years ago with their first set of AP2 irons.  They were some of the best irons I put in play at that time and some version of this model has been the standard by which I rate all other irons.  The T series irons replaced the AP line which much greater clarity who each model was designed for as well as raising the bar on performance.  The newest Titleist  T100S irons are the best “players” irons and have raised the bar again on the standard for iron ratings.
While I know my way around golf clubs better than most, I always make sure to get fit for Titleist irons before I start the review.  This allows me to get the best set for my swing and game.  I’ve done all different levels of fittings from Oceanside to PGA superstore.  While going to Titleist is the best option,  even the basic fittings at a “big box store” will get the job done for which model and shaft gets the best numbers.  While I’ve typically been AP2 or T100, this time it became clear that the  T100S irons were the best fit.  The offered excellent precision and distance while still maitaining that  “tour” look.

The Titleist T100S Irons major selling point is the 2* stronger lofts than the T100 irons.  While I’m not chasing distance, I noticed I have the same miss as most amatuer golfers; short.  I know my yardages well, but still my most common on-course miss was short.  The Titleist T100•S irons really combat that miss be going longer by a full club.  While I didn’t expect the 2* stronger lofts to add a full club distance; they certainly are long.  My miss now is more often long than short. 

The Titleist T100S irons are more than just stronger lofts, they are part of the evolution of Titliest irons designs.  The cavity was completely reworked, the tungsten insert was changed and the feel was improved.  These heads are even more advanced than previous models for every aspect of performance and feel.  They not only offer distance, they are also one of the most precise irons I’ve ever had in the bag too.  It is pin hunting season with these irons.   The sole has also been reworked a little to create even cleaner turf interaction.

The Titleist T100S irons are forged in a multi step process to incorporate tungsten but still be incredibly soft.  You can’t tell in the blind feel test between these and a blade.  I continue to be impressed by the solid feel of these irons, even with the tech and cavity design.  They just feel solid yet soft on every shot.  Even if you miss the center a little, they offer excellent feedback without getting harsh.  The new and improved cavity for this model makes them feel even better if that is possible.  The way the tungsten was incorpated and hidden in the design makes them feel incredibly solid on every shot.

The real story on the Titleist T100S irons is new standard of performance.  I was impressed by both distance and accuracy.  I started this set at 4-irons and went down to 48* wedge.  The 4-iron is actually easy to hit and very accurate.  When you work your way through the set, the added distance and accuracy really shine in the short irons.  Even though they are stronger by 2*, they still hit plenty high, have good spin and land in small circles. I’ve played the last 5 rounds with these in my bag and my scores were GOOD. If you’ve read my reviews before you know I’m not neccessarily a fan of “distance” irons,  it doesn’t really matter if it is a 6 or 8 iron as long as you know the distance and can it it repeatedly and accurately.  However, no one is getting younger and adding just a little more pop in my irons was nice to have shots going a little past the pin instead of coming up short.  I highly recommend getting the 48* wedge with your set too.  I think when you get into the gapping in the short irons are wedges, any club you tend to use exclusively with a full swing often feels best matching your irons rather than your wedges.

Titleist T100S 8 Iron Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Launch Monitor

 Spin: 7356 rpms

 Launch Angle: 26.1*

Dispersion: 2.5 yds

 Club Head Speed: 89.2 mph

 Ball Speed: 118.1 mph

 Total Distance: 164.0 yds

 Carry Distance: 157.8 yds


Titleist did it again and raised the bar by setting a new standard with the T100S irons.  The Titleist T100S irons are the perfect blend of accuracy, distance, feel and looks.  While I’m not chasing distance, the benefits of the T100S are more than just stronger lofts, they are very easy to hit, offer great forgiveness and drop balls into tight dispersion patterns. 

Check the price online here

For more information: Titleist Website


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