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A Surprisingly Awesome Long Iron Utility

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The Titleist T200 Utility Iron was fit to my game in coordination with the T100•S irons.  I bagged this utility iron for 8 rounds of golf.  While it is the long iron of the T200 set, it was built with a graphite utility shaft.  I was also able to hit it on my FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor to collect shot data. I have over 10 years of experience testing and reviewing golf clubs.

Here is my overall experience and thoughts on this utility iron.

This club was featured in our Best Driving Irons in 2024 article.


I can’t hit a 3-iron!  I’ve heard that comment so many times over the years at the course, and while that was probably true 20 years ago in a set of blades, but as big and forgiving as many irons have become, you should definetly demo a utility iron compared to your hybrid.  How you fill the gap between you fairway wood and you longest iron might be a preference, but trying something different might just surprise you how consistent a utility iron can be.  Titleist made the T200 long iron available in a utility build.  This a a perfect balance of long iron paired with hybrid shaft. I found it very consistent and a perfect fit with my T100•S irons.

The Titleist T200 is the cleanest and most looking utility iron.  Obviously it is built on a regular iron head so it doesn’t have any “fat” or “flanges” like other utility irons out there.  The hollow body is also well hidden by the back plate which make it almost look like a blade.  Titleist did a great job keeping the badging to a minimum too so this club will win every time in the looks category.  At address it looks like a long iron with just the smallest amount of offset.  This club screams “players” utility iron/hybrid.

The Titleist T200 Utility Iron is a perfect gap filler at the top end of the bag.  It is longer than the T100•S 4-iron and shorter than my 3 wood.  It splits the gapping nicely.  This is the most important feature of any utility iron/hybrid is distance filler.  I hit my 4-iron about 200 yards and the 3-iron I push out there about 220 yards.  This fills the gap nicely between irons and fairway wood.  What I really like about this utility iron is how it is like an iron in terms of distance consistency.  It seems like woods tend to have a greater variation between longest and shortest shots where irons tend to have less distance variation.

The Titleist T200 utility iron has numerous hidden features in the head.  The multi-material design has tungsten low and in the corners for excellent CG along with a hollow body filled with polymer and a high COR forged face.  It is then fined tuned by Titleist engineers to sound and feel like a forged blade at impact.  I will say, they nailed it with this club.  It fits in seamlessly with the T100•S irons.

The Titleist T200 utility iron is competing for one of the most difficult spots to win in my bag.  I go back and forth between hybrid and utility iron.  I’ve played both by Titleist (and other brands) and I hit them both really well.  I like the lower flights of the utility irons for most things, but then like the higher flight of a hybrid at other times.  I think that is one of the deciding factors if you are going to play a hybrid or utility iron; launch.  Do you need to get the ball up higher or do you need to try and keep it out of the clouds.  I find the latter tends to be my issue which is why the Titleist T200 utility iron has been so good in my bag.

The Titleist T200 Utility Iron can be built just about anyway you want.  It isn’t “stock” in the normal way many clubs are, but certainly has numerous no up-charge shaft options, which means you should get fit and order the best specs for you.  I went with the Project X HZRDUS RDX Smoke Black Shaft 90 hybrid 6.0.  It offers the tight control and feel I want, along with good mid launch and lower spin.  On the course I found this club to be a fairway finder off the tee, an escape artist out of the rough, and a pin seeker from long fairway shots.  It is impressive to see such good results from hitting a 3-irons.

Titleist T200 Utility Iron Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 3069 rpms

 Launch Angle: 17.6*

Dispersion: 3.0 yds

 Club Head Speed: 97.9 mph

 Ball Speed: 137.5 mph

 Total Distance: 231.1 yds

 Carry Distance: 220.8 yds


The Titleist T200 utility iron is a perfect compliment to the other Titleist irons.  Especially if you prefer a utility iron over a hybrid.  This club fills the gap, is easy to hit and really controls flight and distance very well.  It isn’t going to be for everyone, but better golfers, especially good irons strikers are going to want to get fit for this club.  While it is surprising that a long iron can work so well as a utility club; it exceeded my expectations.

For more information: Titltiest Website

Titleist T200 Utility Iron – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Titliest made regular long from the T200 irons into a utility iron by building it with hybrid shafts. It is more compact and "iron" like than any other utility iron out there.

  • ✅  Pros: Looks like a long iron, Great feel, Very consistent, Lots of fitting option.

  • ⛔  Cons: Not overly forgiving, hard to hit/launch for some golfers, no direction correction aid.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Titleist T200 Utility Iron is perfect for the good iron striker. It offers forgiveness and distance benefits over a standard 3-iron while still looking like a long iron.


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