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REVIEW: Titleist TS3 3-wood

Titleist Brought More Speed and Accuracy to Their 3-Wood
The Titleist TS project was all about changing things up and making their woods faster.  It was all about changing everything to make them better.  While the 3-wood wars might not be the rage anymore like they were a few years ago, there is still great value in having a great 3-wood.  It used to be about a pure distance race, there is still some room to improve 3-wood tech as evidence by the new TS3 3-wood.  The bigger surprise from my testing was the accuracy of the TS3.  While the emphasis might be on speed, the forgiveness and accuracy of the TS3 has been impressive.
The Titleist TS3 3-wood has some new technical details that make it better than previous Titleist 3-woods.  The speed chassis was designed to make the club faster.  While the shape isn’t much different than previous Titleist models, the lighter crown and thinner face create a “hotter” 3-wood.  The Active Recoil Channel 3.0 makes it more forgiving too.  These tweaks to the design surprisingly made this a much better 3 wood than expected.

I did a Titleist Thursday Fitting at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale.  We started with the Titleist TS3 driver with really good results.  After settling on the specs for that club, we moved to the 3-wood.  During the fitting I can’t say I was swinging my best with the 3 wood, we settled on the TS3 3-wood at 15* with the ProjectX HAZRDUS Smoke 70 gram 6.0 in the A-1 hosel position.  The 2g weight I have set toward the toe.  I hit the test combo decent on the range, certainly the best of the various options we tried.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t blown away on the range by the TS3 3-wood.

The Titleist TS3 3-wood arrived late 2018 and has been in the bag ever since.  While the fitting session didn’t blow me away, the on-course results were nothing short of amazing.   I had more looks at eagle than ever before, and hit more fairways with this club off the tee than any other 3-wood I’ve had in the bag.  The combo of distance and accuracy blew me away.  I had a couple holes that I didn’t think I could reach; only to walk to the green with a putter in hand.  The TS3 3-wood does exactly what I’m looking for; accuracy off the tee if the hole is narrow, long off the fairway  for looks at eagle and just a little shorter than my driver, but longer than my hybrid.  If I would have only tested this club at the range or into a net, I don’t think I would have really seen how great this 3-wood is.

If you are a Titleist loyalist you are going to absolutely love this club, it has the great compact 3-wood looks you’ve enjoyed from Titleist for years, but have added significant technology to have them beating the competition.  This might not be the absolute longest 3-wood I’ve hit, but that is ok, since I want a club to fill the yardage gap between my driver and hybrid as well as being accurate.  The sound and feel are pure Titleist with a very pleasing crack at impact.  The ProjectX HAZRDUS Smoke shaft has a firm and stable feel without getting boardy.  It feels just a little smoother than a HAZRDUS Black.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Titleist TS3 3-wood

  • Spin: 2861 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 14.2*
  • Dispersion: 3.4 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 100.5 mph
  • Ball Speed: 146.5 mph
  • Total Distance:  258.8 yds
  • Carry Distance:  242.9 yd

Titleist raised the bar for themselves with the TS project; they simultaneously raised the bar for all other 3-woods that are after that gamer spot in my bag.  Not only did Titleist make a faster (longer) 3-wood, they also made it accurate.  With the Titleist TS3 3-wood in the bag, I’ve had at least one look at eagle, if not more, on every round with this club in the bag.  That is no coincidence, this club is long and accurate.  I have such confidence in this club off the tee or from the fairway.  While the driver might be the big TS project talk, the TS3 3-wood was even more impressive in my bag.  You need to find a Titleist Thursday near you and see which TS 3-wood model is best for your game.  For  me the TS3 3-wood brought speed and accuracy to my game.

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Quick Hits:
+Classic Titleist looks
+Great sound and feel
+Fast and long
+Adjustable to your needs
+Eagle looks are awesome

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