REVIEW: Titleist U•500 Utility Iron

A Utility Iron For The Better Golfer
I’d say that most golfers don’t carry a traditional 2 or 3 iron any more.  Many have even dropped their 4 iron in favor of a hybrid or utility iron.  Most of the golfers I see on the course have a hybrid to go between their fairway wood and their irons.  This is a good thing for the majority of the golfing public.  But better golfers might have trouble finding a hybrid to fit their needs.  Finding the right combo of spin, height, distance and offset can be challenging for the better golfers.  They might even find themselves going back to an iron rather than a hybrid.  The Titleist U•500 Utility iron might be a perfect fit for that better golfer that wants some additional forgiveness, distance and versatility over a traditional iron, but can’t find a hybrid that works.  This club is outstanding in the hands of the better golfer.
I was fit for my Titleist T100 irons (review here) and I also added the Titleist U•500 to the fitting to fill out the top end of my bag.  Not always does the stock specs fit the best, but in this case, it is like they speced the stock club just for me.  20* 3 iron with Project X HAZRDUS Black 90 6.0.  It gave me the best numbers along with good feel.  I didn’t need anything exotic on this fitting.  The question is always will the fitting off tuft translate into success on the course?

The Titliest U•500 Utility Iron was actually better than expected on the course.  I’ve played utility irons before, but seem to go back to hybrids.  This one however has shown incredible versatility from every lie.  I’ve found I can hit shots with the U•500 that I can’t hit with a hybrid.  The low runner is a very hard shot for me to hit with a hybrid, but the U•500 pulls it off easily.  The iron look really fits my eye behind the ball too.  I don’t fear a big left hook with this club since it has minimal offset.  This also helps hit that low shot as the club returns to the ball at impact.  At the same time, I can still hit a quick launching shot that can carry up and over an object in my way.  The ability to make this club hit the shots you want, not just the shot it hits will have better players really enjoying this club.

The Titliest U•500 Utility Iron is awesome off the tee.  I found the consistency of distance off the tee to be very “iron like” as far as gapping goes.  It seems like woods might have more pop, but seem to also vary in overall distance, while the U•500 seems more constistent shot after shot.  It really hits a perfect 205-215.  I couldn’t squeeze much more out of hit, but I didn’t lose much off of it either on most shots, outside of really deep rough.  The sole is thin enough to play well out of most rough lies, and thick enough to offer some forgiveness off the fairway.  If you’ve got a shot you want to hit, this club can do it, and do it really well.  This is not a distance chasing club, but one designed for precision and versatility.

The Titleist U•500 Utility Iron has great balance between hollow and solid.  The tungsten weight makes for well placed CG while the extra body gives it some pop off the forged face.  They really dialed in the sound and feel of this utility to appeal to a better players.  Just enough crack to let you know you smacked it, but solid enough to feel like an iron shot rather than a hybrid.

The Titleist U•500 Utility Iron is a club that can help you score better, if you have the game.  High handicap golfers are not going to benefit from this club in their bag, it isn’t forgiving enough, nor does it launch it high enough or left enough for most golfers.  The pros are going to love it as are the good amateur.  It isn’t going to wow your socks off with distance, but the accuracy and on course versatility is where it shines.  Every shot from every lie is pretty much the motto when playing this club.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Titleist U•500 Utility Iron 20*

  • Spin: 3379 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 17.4*
  • Dispersion: 3.1 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 95.8 mph
  • Ball Speed: 133.7 mph
  • Total Distance:  213.2 yds
  • Carry Distance:  205.1 yds

There is a reason that Titleist had back orders of the U•500 Utility Iron early on.  This club is perfect for the better golfer looking for a little extra forgiveness, a little more pop, but yet tight dispersion, compact look and minimal offset in a long iron/utility club.  Titleist blended the needs of better golfers with some utility features to make the U•500 an excellent choice for better golfers to fill the gap between their fairway wood and iron set.

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Quick Hit:
+For the better golfer
+Minimal off-set
+Great feel
+Some forgiveness

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