What is the Top Golf Dress Code?

At Top Golf, there is no set dress code. You have the freedom to wear what you’re most comfortable exercising in.

This is an excellent spot for a fancy date, but comfort is key. Most people there will be wearing some shorts/athletic pants and a comfortable shirt.

We know golf isn’t the most strenuous activity, but yes, it is still exercised. Plan accordingly.

top golf dress code

What to wear to Top Golf

You need to wear something practical to Top Golf. Business clothes rip since they aren’t designed to take much strain. If this is your after-work event spot, bring a change. You’re welcome to wear jeans, but they can get uncomfortable quickly. Tank tops on males will get a look or two, and a t-shirt plays much better to this crowd.

Again, a pair of athletic shorts and a comfortable t-shirt always do the trick.

For ladies, you have the same dress expectations as males do. It would help if you had something you’re comfortable moving around in. If all else fails and you don’t know what to wear, we recommend dressing like you’re going to the gym. An athletic dress is also completely fine. You’re in athletic clothes doing something athletic.

Since you’re outside at Top Golf, we see clothes that can be layered as a plus. If it’s colder out or you’re going at night, bring a light sweater. Nothing says you have to put it on. The same goes in reverse. You can always take a sweatshirt off when it gets hot after a few swings.

What type of shoes do I wear (tennis shoes)?

Shoes are the trickiest part of dressing for Top Golf. The number one thing you need to know is that golf shoes are not required. That being said, wear comfortable shoes. Your happiness depends on it.

For most people, this is a night out—but you really shouldn’t wear that nice of shoes. In reality, a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes you don’t mind getting a little banged up is best. However, anything closed-toe shoes works.

On a turf mat, your shoes will scrape and wear down. Golf mat turf is coarser than a football field or anything like that. As you swing, your toe will rub against the turf with every swing. Be prepared to leave with shoes a little more worn down than you came with.

We’ve all seen the videos on Instagram and TikTok of people swinging in heels and taking a tumble. Learn from these people and don’t wear them.

Don’t wear sandals. Top Golf won’t let you hit barefoot, so you’re stuck in them. Your feet will slide all around while you swing. The two negative flip flop scenarios; you fall and hurt yourself, or they break. We won’t judge you if you’re more worried about one than the other there.

What can't you wear?

This question comes into play in most sections here, but we wanted to make a list for ease of review. Keep in mind; that there are things WE recommend not wearing. Top Golf doesn’t have a dress code.


  • Anything that will break with a golf swing
  • Anything that will fall off with a golf swing
  • Loose clothing you can trip on
  • Too tight of clothing that will be uncomfortable to swing in
  • Clothing that cannot get dirty—you’ll be inside, but food, drinks, and lots of things can go wrong.
  • anything too nice—as we said earlier, a t-shirt and shorts combo is the best option you have


  • Nice sneakers or shoes that cannot be scuffed
  • Loafers
  • High heels
  • Slippers
  • Flip flops
  • Bare feet (this one is a requirement)

Miscellaneous items

  • Loose jewelry—you can’t go onto the driving range to retrieve anything and if you drop it from a higher level, good luck finding it
  • Really nice hats—head sweat gets through the hat and will dye/change the colors
  • A non-shirt—treat it like a restaurant. You need a shirt and shoes to get the service
  • A rain jacket—hitting bays are covered, and rainwear is notoriously suffocating
  • Excess layers you cannot take off—you’re moving around, you won’t get that cold

How to fit in

Top Golf is an inclusive place. That means that you can be comfortable wearing whatever you like. It also means you can be comfortable going there whether you play Golf every day or have never swung a club.

You don’t need to show up decked out like a PGA Pro or with your own clubs. Top Golf takes care of every little detail so that all are welcome. If you have never been there before, Top Golf employees will walk you through every step. There’s no need to feel uncomfortable.

The thing about Top Golf being an entertainment hub and bays being rented is that you don’t even have to play golf while you’re there. Go with a group of friends and hit 100 shots or zero during your time there. Dress comfortably and enjoy the amenities. Top Golf is built on the principle of fun for all.

The Topgolf date

There will be a lot of people there on dates. A casual date, a fancy date, doesn’t matter. Hitting balls has turned into an insanely fun and great way to kick back for people getting to know each other.

Guys, don’t be afraid to throw on a collared shirt. This isn’t a country club, though; there is no specific dress code. They’ll give you the golf clubs. Don’t stress over golf outfits. Throw on your favorite athletic shorts and embrace the inclusive good time. You’ll have to get to know each other casually at some point, right?

Also check out our article on how much topgolf costs to find out what you can expect to spend.

Do I need to wear golf attire?

Casual dress is more encouraged than anything else. There might be some really good golfers there, but people there for a good time outnumber them. Men, women, kids—almost everyone there is there for relaxed fun.

My approach to Top Golf—What makes it so great

Here is how I approach going to Top Golf or any other driving range. If I am practicing, I like to simulate real scenarios. I like to practice how I am going to be playing. It might seem like a bit of a try-hard move to wear a full golf outfit to a place that is so casual, but it’s a judgment-free zone. When I go to work on Golf, I’ll wear golf shoes, shorts, a shirt, and a hat. I’ll bring my bag and get my money’s worth.

If I’m going with friends to kick back, eat, drink, and relax, my approach is much different. Sneakers, t-shirts, more casual shorts. I’ll dress as if Top Golf is one of a few stops in my night.

Carry yards, angle of descent, and hang time don’t matter. Having fun does. I’ll be comfortable enough to swing a golf club and wear an outfit that wouldn’t look out of place elsewhere.

It’s the beauty of Top Golf. You can quite literally wear whatever you want. There are people from all walks of life, all levels of dedication to Golf, getting together to slap the ball around and have some fun.

You don’t need to criticize anyone for their attire of choice, and as a result, yours won’t be judged either.

We don’t recommend going full 2010 Rickie Fowler, Macklemore in a Pro-Am, Ian Poulter in that shiny gold shirt, or anything too ridiculous. But at the same time, Top Golf welcomes anyone looking to make Golf their good time.

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